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Chapter 241

Iris narrowed her eyes at Levi.

“Stop looking at me. I will never be interested in you no matter how pretty you are.” Levi said.

Iris sneered. “Fine, I’m not going to make any comment. You were the company’s boss in the past.”

They did not take that seriously because they thought Levi was merely making a joke.

In the days that followed, Zoey’s career was progressing well. She was close to establishing a new company.

At the same time, Iris had gotten used to working in Morris Group. The first idea she proposed was for them to build a new factory.

Although Levi Group had a factory, the size and production were too small. They needed to expand their production scale if they wish to replace the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Iris suggested for them to look for a new place to build the factory.

Inside Morris Group, Kirin gave Iris a thumbs-up. “Your idea impressed the boss. He’ll handle the venue and equipment needed to build the new factory, while you will handle the paperwork so that we can begin our production as soon as the factory is established.”

“Okay. I understand.” Iris was excited. I received a compliment from my mysterious boss! Hmph! How dare you say that the boss will never be interested in me, Levi Garrison? Look at how impressed he is with my performance!

At that thought, Iris asked Kirin. “When can I meet with the boss, Mr. Atkinson?”

Kirin smiled. “Be patient. The boss will meet with you when he wants to.”

Anticipation filled Iris’s chest. I am going to pursue him when that time comes!

Levi had been working tirelessly in the last few days to deal with the venue and equipment needed for the new factory.

He only had the time to meet with Zoey at night.

Zoey was puzzled by Levi’s packed schedule and when she questioned him about it, Levi only told her he found a job.

Zoey felt glad upon hearing that. She was content as long as Levi was working hard.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce kept track of Morris Group’s plans.

“Hmph! Do they think they can build a new factory as they like? I will make sure they won’t be able to secure any place to build their factory!” One of the council members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Ron Bale, spoke displeasingly.

After searching for days, Morris Group finally found a new place.

The place was originally a large-scaled clothes factory, but was already abandoned for a long time.

However, the size and the strategic location fitted Morris Group’s standards to build a new pharmaceutical factory.

The company paid a fifty million deposit in advance. They would purchase the factory for two hundred million by signing a contract today.

Levi went to sign the contract in person.

The executives and upper management of Morris Group reached the venue before Levi and Azure Dragon.

At the office, a lot of people were cramped inside.

A middle-aged, nearly bald man was seated on a chair.

The man exudes arrogance. He leaned on the back of the chair while crossing his legs on the tabletop. He regarded everyone conceitedly while puffing on a cigarette.

Behind him stood a dozen of muscular and menacing men.

Elena introduced both parties. “Mr. Garrison, this is the owner of this factory, Mr. Mason Pena.”

Levi nodded at Mason. “Nice to meet you. I am Morris Group’s representative, here to sign the contract.”

But Mason merely shook his legs and puffed on his cigarette, all the while ignoring Levi.

Levi stopped Azure Dragon as the latter was about to teach Mason a lesson.

“We have to prioritize the contract.” Levi said.

Mason glanced at Levi disdainfully and tossed him an agreement.

“Sign it!”

One of the men standing behind Mason shouted just as Levi was about to flip through the agreement. “You only need to sign on the contract! Why do you have to read through the content and waste our time waiting for you to finish?”

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