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Chapter 240

“Hmph! Stop making all these big talks in the future!” Aaron said angrily.

Iris smiled. “Levi has been helping me with the moving in process in the past two days. So he doesn’t have the time to deal with any other things.”

“Fine. Let’s stop talking about him.” Caitlyn rolled her eyes at Levi.

Harry sighed, “Say, who do you think the Gonzales family was indebted to in our family? Why did they help us to such extent?”

A thought popped into Zoey’s mind. “Could they be referring to the Lopez family from South City? I’m afraid they are the only ones capable of getting acquainted with the Gonzales family.”

Aaron and Caitlyn were surprised by Zoey’s reminder.

The Lopez family in North Hampton was merely a branch family.

The original Lopez family came from South City, and they were a powerful clan.

With that being said, plenty of people carried the Lopez surname all across Erudia, similar to Harry and his family. So they were not even slightly related to the Lopez family in South City.

In their mind, only the powerful Lopez family from South City could be acquainted with the wealthiest man in North Hampton.

“Alright, let’s stop discussing this. Let’s talk about you, Iris. I heard that you will be collaborating closely with Zoey from now on?” Aaron looked at Iris.

Iris beamed at him. “We are planning something big at Morris Group currently. There will be plenty of chances to collaborate with Zoey by that time.”

“What’s the plan? Can you tell us?” Zoey asked curiously.

Admiration glinted in Iris’s eyes. “This is related to that mysterious boss of mine. His vision is really extraordinary! We will tackle the medical and technology field soon, producing similar products as the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, in an effort to replace them in the market!”

Zoey shot Levi a complicated look as Iris elaborated.

“Iris, we all know the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has Levi Group’s core technology in the medical and technology field. How do you plan to produce the same products without that information?” Zoey had to ask. Levi could have rebuilt his empire anytime he wants if he has Levi Group’s core technology.

Iris grinned. “That’s the reason why I am impressed by my boss’s abilities. He knows all the data and information!”

“Wow! That’s crazy!” Zoey was astonished. She glanced at Levi unwittingly.

Levi had an eidetic memory, so he memorized all the information in his mind. But no one expected him to remember, not even Zoey. The information would amount up to a few hundred thousand pages if printed out, so the feat to recall every piece of information seemed impossible to everyone.

Iris was filled with excitement and anticipation. “My boss is simply too mysterious and amazing. I assume he is still single. I will definitely pursue him if I meet with him!”

Zoey smiled. I know how domineering Iris can be, not to mention the stringent requirements needed by a man to meet her expectations. Iris has never fallen for anyone despite their relatively good accomplishments and rich family backgrounds. Perhaps she even raised her standards after meeting with so many outstanding people abroad in the last few years. I know how rare it is for her to be finally attracted to a man. Even I’m starting to wonder what kind of a person he is!

“Good luck! You will definitely achieve that with your qualifications.” Zoey said.

However, Levi butted in their conversation. “That’s not possible. You can stop dreaming now. He’ll never be interested in you.”

“What do you mean, Levi Garrison? Do you think you’re my boss?” Iris demanded.

Levi nodded. “Yes. I am your boss.”

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