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Chapter 239

“Go to hell, Levi Garrison! You’ve been a thorn in my side for a long time now!”

A series of fast-paced footsteps was heard just as Samuel and the others rushed forward with knives in their hands.

Over fifty men appeared behind Samuel and his gang.

The person leading the group was a pot-bellied and menacing man.

He beat up Samuel and his friends effortlessly. Soon, all five of them were lying on the ground wailing in pain.

The thugs walked up to Levi and addressed him simultaneously. “Good day, Mr. Garrison!”

The group of men was none other than Tiger and his gang.

They were aware of Levi’s arrival as soon as he stepped foot into the neighborhood.

Tiger saw Samuel and the others tried to harm Levi when he reached the scene, so he quickly taught them a lesson.

In the end, Tiger sent Samuel and his accomplices to the police station.

That village was under the West Point Prefecture, so Captain Timothy Lourdes handled Samuel and Chris.

They came clean about their plan throughout the interrogation process.

Samuel and Chris mentioned that the money they stole was frozen when questioned about that matter.

Timothy’s first thought was that the Gonzales family was behind this because they helped to settle Harry Lopez’s situation previously. The way I see it, the Gonzales family really proved their capabilities this time. Not only did they locate the Robertson brothers, but they’ve also froze the bank account.

The money was transferred to Timothy afterward, with a note telling him to return the money to the Gonzales family.

Timothy sent the money to the Gonzales family house in person after he dealt with the necessary procedure.

Members of the Gonzales family were surprised to receive the money.

They wondered if Levi Garrison was the person who returned them the money.

But Timothy merely responded with a smile. “This has got nothing to do with Levi Garrison.”

Everyone laughed. He’s right. Levi does not have the ability to return the money. He’s just a poor and pretentious man.

Timothy went to the Lopez family house to explain the whole incident afterward.

“That’s great news! Let them stay behind bars! Thank you so much, Captain Lourdes!” Tears of joy streamed down Harry’s cheeks.

Timothy smiled. “You don’t have to thank me. Thank the Gonzales family if you want. They’re the ones that tracked down the money and the criminals!”

With that, the Gonzales family thought Timothy Lourdes was the one that returned the money to them, while Timothy and the Lopez family thought the former resolved the matter.

Everyone was happy with the outcome. Samuel and his accomplices were caught, and no money was lost.

Iris hosted a banquet and invited Zoey’s parents after she was done moving into her new house.

“First of all, congratulations, Uncle and Aunt, for resolving this crisis.” Iris congratulated Aaron and Caitlyn.

They glared at Levi and said, “Didn’t you mentioned that you would handle this matter, Levi?”

“Yes. And I did!” Levi replied.

“Enough with that nonsense! The Gonzales family are the ones that settled this matter. They’re the ones that found the culprits and recovered the money. You contributed nothing! How can you tell such blatant lies?” Aaron and Caitlyn could not stand Levi’s habit of always wanting to show off.

Levi was stunned. How did that happen? Oh, I think I know what happened. Tiger and his men must have dropped Samuel and his friends at the police station without saying anything. They fear the police the most, after all. That’s why everyone thinks that the Gonzales family saved the day. Well, whatever. I could not care less about them.

Zoey hurriedly smoothed things over. “That’s enough. Levi was just trying to console us.”

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