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Chapter 238

Levi’s words did not impress the others. What a hypocrite! He’s telling us he doesn’t want anything when he actually wants hundreds of billion from us! How dare he say he doesn’t need money when he’s just a lowly mover. He’s a despicable hypocrite!

Winston, Una, and the rest of the crowd stared at Levi with contempt. He’s not much better than a dung beetle in terms of his personality!

“You don’t have to meddle in the Lopez family’s matter. I will return the money to you.” Levi said coldly.

Winston and the others were stunned. Someone as greedy as him is offering to pay us back the money? Does he have eight hundred million with him? What a hilarious joke!

Unono said immediately, “Okay. So, you want to return the money? Then pay us the full amount right now!”

Winston added, “Let me witness your capabilities too, Mr. Garrison!”

They urged Levi to return the money on the spot.

But Levi said, “I will return you the money, but not now. So please leave for the moment.”

Everyone sneered after listening to Levi’s statement. That’s hypocrisy at its finest! There’s no way he can return eight hundred million to us. He’s filled with empty talks.

“That’s enough, Mr. Garrison. We’ll be leaving now. You don’t have to return the money. I am contented so long as you stop bothering my family and never scam another person by boasting about this incident.”

uno said to her grandfather. “He can’t do that now. There are so many people here to bear witness of our conversation.”

Then they left angrily.

Levi Garrison was a man rotten to his core in their eyes.

Levi knew they misunderstood him. The Gonzales family thinks I’m trying to scam them after I saved that old man’s life. Hmph! Winston Gonzales? He’s not someone that I care about. That money is insignificant to me as well. I did not want to pay them just now because I want Samuel and his brother to cough up the money they’ve stolen first.

Levi went to meet up with Phoenix after he changed his clothes.

“Sir, I’ve tracked down and froze the eight hundred million sum. They did not have the time to spend any of the money yet. We will recover the money soon.” Phoenix reported.

“Okay. What about Samuel and Chris? Have you located them?” Levi asked.

That was Azure Dragon’s responsibility.

“Yes. They are still in North Hampton. They are considered smart because they knew how easily they’ll expose themselves in the airport and train station if they leave now.” Azure Dragon answered.

“Let’s go. I want to meet them in person.” Levi said.

Levi was astounded when he found out that Samuel and his brother were hiding in the same village where Rowen Atkinson and his wife stayed previously.

That action reflected the brothers’ wariness of their current situation.

Samuel, Chris, and three other people were playing poker inside a rent house.

A message was sent to Samuel’s phone at that moment.

Samuel and Chris were horror-stricken after reading the message. All the money we’ve stolen has been frozen!

“This is bad. If they have the power to freeze our account, then they must have the abilities to track us down!”

“We need to leave immediately!”

The five of them hurriedly packed their bags and left the house.

But they stumbled into two people at the alleyway.

It was Levi and Azure Dragon.

“It’s you, Levi Garrison?” Samuel was shocked.

Levi smiled. “Aren’t you a brilliant man, Samuel Robertson?”

“How did you find us?” Samuel was curious.

Chris’s eyes reddened with rage as he took out a knife from this pocket swiftly. “Let’s stop wasting time now, brother. We’ll murder them and flee right away. What do you say?”

Click click click…

Samuel and the other three people withdrew their knives as well.

They closed in on Levi and Azure Dragon slowly with the weapons in their hands.

They were determined to kill Levi.

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