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Chapter 236

One of the managers of Miracle Med Corporation said, “Mr. Gonzales, Ms. Gonzales, I’ve crossed paths with Levi Garrison six years ago. That man is cunning and ruthless. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. I’m afraid you’re his target this time.”

“That’s right. Levi Garrison is a smart man. He will use some underhand tricks if we do not fulfil his wishes. Perhaps he will publicize his heroic act of saving your life and manipulate us into complying his every request.”

Everyone despised Levi at that point. “He’s simply abhorrent!”

Una hated Levi as well. She sneered. “I’ve investigated his background, grandfather. Levi has been jobless since his release from prison. He’s only relying on his wife to survive now. In my opinion, he’s trying to scam a boatload of money from us this time! With that being said, the Lopez family is actually facing some tricky problems now.” Uno added.

Her words piqued Winston’s interest. “Oh? What kind of trouble?”

“The Lopez family will announce bankruptcy soon since nearly a billion was taken away from them as well as from Zoey Lopez’s company. Their head of the family, Harry Lopez, may be facing time in prison soon.” Una explained.

Winston’s eyes gleamed. “This is a brilliant opportunity!”

Una and the others gained revelation. “Are you saying that we should return Levi’s favor by helping the Lopez family through this crisis?”

Winston smiled. “That’s right.”

“This is a wonderful idea! This way, we can stop Levi Garrison from harassing the Gonzales family from now on!” The others exclaimed.

Winston reminded, “You’ll handle this, Uno. I’ll contact the related departments to exempt Harry Lopez from his imprisonment. I am going to meet with Levi in person after we settle this matter to clear things up once and for all. He saved my life, and now I am rescuing his family. This should be a sufficient repayment.”

“Yes, grandfather. I wonder what kind of trick can Levi pull this time.” Uno said proudly.

Just as the Lopez family was at a loss, Captain Timothy Lourdes from West Point detachment contacted Harry and told him he did not have to face jail time because someone else was found to be involved in that issue.

Tears of joy streamed down Harry’s cheeks.

A Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the Lopez family house after a short while.

Uno visited with a few of her assistants. “Let me introduce myself. I am Una Gonzales from the Gonzales family.”

Shaun, Melanie, and the other members of the Lopez family were shocked to their cores. “The granddaughter of the wealthiest man in North Hampton?” They almost knelt in front of Uno as their legs wobbled.

“I am here to help the Lopez family to weather through your current crisis. Please check because there should be money inside your bank accounts now.”

Everyone did as Una said in a hurry.

And lo and behold, their money was indeed returned to them in full. They also found out that the Gonzales family was behind Harry’s exemption from imprisonment.

“You don’t have to worry. This matter is water under the bridge now.”

Harry was tear-stricken. “I only have one question for you, Ms. Gonzales. Why are you helping us?”

Una smiled. “The Gonzales family was indebted to someone in the Lopez family. We’ve returned the favor, so there’s no need to inquire further about the person’s identity. You will have nothing to do with the Gonzales family from now on.”

Uno went to Imperial Meadows directly after leaving the Lopez family house to resolve their money crisis.

Zoey and Aaron questioned Una’s intention, but she merely gave them same answer she gave to the Lopez family.

The Gonzales family did not want Levi to boast of his achievements for saving Winston’s life to prevent him from taking further advantage of the situation. So they did not reveal his identity as the person who helped them.

Zoey contacted Levi just as he was done helping Iris with the move into her new house. “What? The Lopez family’s financial crisis is resolved?”

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