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Chapter 234

Fabian, Henry and the others gave Samuel a thumbs up.

Melanie was probably with child.

Everybody knew this.

No matter what, Samuel would certainly care about his own child.

Fabian interjected, “Samuel, Melanie is definitely pregnant! Why don’t you take her for a full medical exam? After all, you’re the father of the child and we wouldn’t want to do anything rash!”

“Haha, Fabian, like hell I’ll go! Don’t you know what type of woman your daughter is? She’s a slut! She has slept with numerous sons of bitches. So how can you pin the responsibility on me for her pregnancy?”

Nobody expected Samuel to rant in this manner.

Melanie was angered upon hearing these words, “Samuel, are you a man? How can you say such treacherous words!”

Samuel snorted, “Hah, Melanie, you are an immoral woman! You probably don’t even know who the father of the child is! How dare you try to put this responsibility on me? Get lost! You and your whole family are scoundrels! Beat it!”

With those words, Samuel hung up the phone.

Everyone was surprised. No one had expected this.

Melanie was so upset that she fainted on the spot.

Fabian was seething with anger.

The others quickly called Samuel’s line but he had switched off his mobile.

No one could get through.

After a while, when they tried calling it again, the number was unregistered.

“What should we do now?”

Everyone was speechless.

If they could not find Samuel and his brother, they would never be able to recover even a single cent.

Henry said in despair, “Just now, I asked my friends to check Samuel’s identity. Everything about him is fake. He is an unregistered citizen and certainly not a wealthy man from overseas.”

When the rest heard this, they began to understand.

Right from the very start, Samuel was here to cheat them of their wealth and Melanie was deceived in the process.

He had deceived Melanie for more than a year, using her like a tool. On top of that, he had taken all of the Lopez family’s wealth.

However, the crux of the matter was that they had no evidence at all of his deception.

Even the marriage certificate was fake. Their marriage was never registered.

If they were to go by evidence, Samuel and Chris had never been with the Lopez family at all.

The Lopez family had nothing to show that they existed.

They had no proof at all.

It can only be said that Samuel and his brother had committed the perfect crime.

Originally, the two brothers had planned to deceive Zoey the same way they did with Melanie, but unexpectedly, Levi came back.

Both Caitlyn and Aaron were shocked.

They recall that at the beginning they had considered a marriage between Zoey and Chris.

With the new revelations, they now know that if Zoey had married Chris, not only would they have lost all their money, but Zoey would have been sexually taken advantage of as well.

A trickle of blood appeared at the edge of Harry’s lips as he anxiously asked, “Is there any way of locating them? Even if we forego the money, these two bastards must be found!”

“Exactly! If I see these two animals, I’ll definitely slaughter them.”

“Yes, I swear on my life, I’ll slaughter these two animals!”

The Lopez family members had the same thoughts. They could lose the money, but they want revenge on Samuel and his brother by taking their lives.

However, with the resources and manpower available to the Lopez family at this moment, it was too difficult to find these two people.

Furthermore, Harry was in a situation where he would get sent to jail at any time.

Zoey had just sought the help of her best friend, Iris.

Iris had replied that It would be very difficult, almost impossible, but she was still willing to give it a try.

Zoey knew that this was a polite reply. This is an impossible task.

“Oh, who can solve this problem? God please, save the Lopez family!”

Harry wailed to the sky above.

“I can locate these two people! I can solve this problem!”

At that exact moment, a voice was heard.

Without anybody noticing, Levi had already arrived at the Lopez family home.

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