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Chapter 232

They stared at Aaron and Zoey in disbelief, their first thought was that these two were the ones that had reported to the police.

It was only mere moments ago when they had been discussing that Zoey and Aaron would not dare to make a police report.

“You… both of you have betrayed your ancestors! Arrgh!”

Suddenly, Aaron spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You two brainless morons!!!”

“How could you do this to your father and grandfather! You are not fit to be members of the Lopez family!”

“Your ancestors must feel so ashamed of you!!!”

The Lopez family rushed forward as if crazed. It seemed as if they would lynch the father and his daughter.

“No… it wasn’t us. We did not report to the police!”

“It’s not us!”

Both Aaron and Zoey started to wail aloud. They felt wronged.

Harry glared at them, “Do you two want to see me die? Alright, you must be happy now that I’m going to rot in prison! Are you satisfied now?”

“Grandpa, no, we didn’t mean to…”

Zoey wept silently.

“Somebody, I want to check Harry’s personal account to see if the money is there,” the detachment leader, Captain Timothy Lourdes from West Point ordered.

Soon, the technical department sent a message: Captain, there is no money in Harry’s account, not a single cent!

Harry asked in shock, “How can there be no money?”

The other members of the Lopez family were stunned as well.

Harry’s personal account originally had ten million.

“What? There’s no money in it? Isn’t there supposed to be a transaction history?” Timothy asked in shock.

“Captain, we just checked. The money was transferred out again. This time, it was transferred to an overseas account!” The technical department reported back.

“What? Harry, did you actually transferred the money to an overseas account? Seems like you work fast!”

Harry was stunned, “No, I did not! I don’t even have an account overseas!”

Suddenly, he realized something and he let out a yell of dismay, “Oh no! It must’ve been Chris and Samuel who transferred the money!”

“Everyone, quickly! Check your personal accounts and the company’s account!” Harry alerted everyone.

Each of the members of the Lopez family checked their own personal bank accounts and the company’s account, as well.

Each one of them found out that their accounts had been emptied.

In each one’s account, there was not a single cent left!

The company’s account, too, had the same fate and was left with zero balance.

“It must be Chris and Samuel!”

Henry and Fabian reacted one after the other.

Shaun Lopez said, “Now I know why they’d left, they were running away. They even set up grandpa to admit to transferring the funds so that grandpa will be charged!”


Once Melanie realized the truth, she fainted on the spot.

Harry slapped at his forehead in frustration, “Now, I know what happened. Samuel came back for two months in order to gain my trust! I was gullible enough to believe that the Lopez family’s future could be entrusted to him and I made everything transparent for him. With his brother’s hacking skills, it’s as easy as pie to withdraw the money!”

“I didn’t expect this punk to set me up…”

Harry started seeing stars and nearly fainted.

“Accursed Samuel!”

Fabian was furious.

The technical department checked all the accounts of the Lopez family.

It was confirmed that the Lopez family’s total of two hundred and thirty million was also transferred to the overseas account.

Timothy asked, “Can the money be retrieved?”

“Quite impossible! Currently, the overseas account has been closed and the funds have disappeared…”

Everyone heard the conclusion given by the technical department.



One after the other, the Lopez family members collapsed on the ground.

All of their faces were as pale as death.

Aaron and Zoey, too, had similar expressions on their faces.

The funds cannot be retrieved!

The Lopez family is doomed!

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