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Chapter 231

“Let’s do it this way. Why don’t you go home first, and I’ll get a friend to check it out. That way, we’ll know what it’s all about.”

Levi arrived at Azure Dragon’s residence and found Phoenix.

He delegated the job to Phoenix.

Phoenix did not use his privileges, instead, he used his skill and started searching.

“Sir, Money from Imperial Meadows Limited’s account had indeed been transferred elsewhere.”

Phoenix swiftly produced the results.

“Has it been transferred to the account that belongs to Harry or others from the Lopez family?” Levi asked.

“No, it’s an overseas account! Although it was done using Harry’s name, it is now unlisted. There is no record and it’s hard to check. I’ll need some time.”

“Hmm? I’ve found something new! Money from the Lopez Group account and the personal accounts of all 17 of the Lopez family members, totaling two hundred and thirty million has been transferred to this overseas account. This happened within a minute of the time the money from Imperial Meadows Limited’s account was transferred!”

Phoenix made another important discovery.

“What? Money from all the Lopez family members’ accounts has been transferred?” Levi asked.

“That’s right. Exactly!”

Phoenix explained, “The other party has created a fake account and a fake transaction history. It shows that the money from Imperial Meadows Limited has been transferred to Harry! If they check their accounts now, it shows the money is still there but it’s actually fake. There is no money in the account!”

Levi was shocked when he heard this. “This person has scammed the whole Lopez family!”

“Exactly! The Lopez family are under the impression that the money from Imperial Meadows Limited has been transferred to them. But in actual fact, this amount as well as all the money from the Lopez family has been transferred out by this scammer. The Lopez family does not even realize it yet!” Phoenix announced.

“Phoenix, trace this account. We must find out where all the money has gone to.” Levi instructed.

“Sir, be rest assured. It’s true that the other party is skillful but now that their opponent is me, the have certainly met their match.” Phoenix said reassuringly.

Meanwhile, someone from Imperial Meadows had made a police report.

This was because there was evidence of Harry personally transferring the company’s funds.

Soon, the police arrived at Imperial Meadows.

Zoey and Aaron were summoned with the others.

All of them got a fright.

“Who made a report? Who reported to the police?” Aaron asked.

Neither Aaron or Zoey would have made the report because they already knew it was Harry’s doing, that is, unless they decided to disown their father and grandfather.

They had even issued a warning those who knew about the incident not to report to the police.

However, evidently, someone had made the report.

“No, it’s not us. None of us made the report!”

The staff were shaking their heads, for it was as they said, they did not make any report.

Naturally, it was Samuel and his gang that had made the report.

By doing so, they would put all the blame on Harry.

After he had been charged, he would obediently surrender his position.

The brothers had planned everything.

At this time, they had also took down the fake account.

The policeman said without any emotion, “We have received an anonymous call reporting that Harry had transferred more than six hundred and thirty five million of public funds! We have all the evidence we need.”

“We heard that Harry had admitted to you all that he was the one that transferred the funds, is that true?” The policeman asked.

The staff nodded their heads.

“Alright. We have witnesses and evidence. We shall go for Harry now!” The policeman said.

They brought Zoey, Aaron and the others along.

At the Lopez family home, everyone was talking and laughing.

All of a sudden, the sound of police sirens were heard.

A few policemen rushed in and held Harry down.

They had with them a warrant for arrest.

“Harry Lopez, you are under arrest on suspicion of moving public funds, illegally hacking into the network, network theft and other charges.!”

Harry and the Lopez family were shocked to their cores.

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