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Chapter 230

“Why are we living such difficult life? We’re both married to useless men. Levi already proved his incompetence, are you trying to match his pace too?” Caitlyn broke down in tears.

Aaron retorted. “I’m not incompetent! Don’t compare me to Levi Garrison!”

“Then why are you not taking any action when your father bullies us? He took over six hundred million from us. Get the money back for our family! Why are you still here?” Caitlyn chided and pushed Aaron.


Aaron smashed a glass on the floor.

“I want to do that too, but you know well of my father’s personality. There’s no way for us to get the money back at this point!” Aaron yelled.

“Then call the cops on him! We have the evidence needed to take legal actions!” Caitlyn added.

“But that’s my father! How can I call the cops on him? That’s an unfilial act! How do you expect me to face my ancestors in the afterlife?” Aaron was mad.

“Then what should we do? Are we letting go of this matter now?”

“Let’s think of a way!”

Aaron and Caitlyn were clueless as to how they should proceed.

“I’ll go look for Levi.” He was Zoey’s last and only hope.

Meanwhile, the entire Lopez family was celebrating the joyous occasion.

They were extremely pleased to have finally taught Aaron and his family a lesson as his family had been getting under their skin.

Melanie said to Harry. “Grandpa, this success is made possible because of my husband and his brother!”

Harry smiled. “Don’t worry. I will reward you handsomely.”

However, Samuel hurriedly added because he was worried Harry would discover the empty bank account by attempting a transaction. “There’s no need to rush for the reward, grandpa. Let’s use the money only after this matter settles down. Let’s leave the money alone for now.”

“Alright, Samuel. I’ll listen to you. Let’s distribute the money only after this matter settles down!” Harry agreed.

“Grandpa, I’m accompanying Chris to visit his friend at South City. We’ll be back in two days. You should stay by grandpa’s side, Melanie. Help the family to counter Zoey and her family if they try to do anything foolish.” Samuel suggested.

“Sure. Don’t worry, dear. I’ll be here while you’re gone!” Melanie smiled.

After that, Samuel and Chris fled swiftly to a destination unknown to the others.

The Lopez family, oblivious to the truth, was indulged in their fantasy of having six hundred million in their possession.

Harry grinned. “The Lopez family is now sitting on near a billion worth of assets. We will focus on expanding our family’s businesses from now on!”

Levi was not furious when he learned of the news. Instead, he sensed the peculiarity at the turn of events. “But that’s impossible. Your grandfather shouldn’t have the authority to transfer all the money away, even with his status as one of the shareholders. A transaction like that requires your approval as well as the finance department’s consent.”

Clarity washed over Zoey after listening to Levi’s reminder. “That’s right. It’s not possible, not to mention I am the only person who knows the password.”

Levi smiled. “There’s only one possibility in this case. They hacked into the company’s account and took the money illegally.”

“Are you saying that grandpa hired a hacker?” Zoey asked.

“That’s right. A hacker can easily hack into Imperial Meadows Limited’s account if your grandfather feeds the hacker with the information he knows.” Levi nodded.

“But this doesn’t make any sense. If grandpa did hire a hacker to do the job, he didn’t have to inform me of his doing. He admitted his crime for no apparent reason.” Zoey was confounded.

Levi stroked his chin. He was caught in perplexity as well. “That’s right. This is suspicious. Why did he tell you?”

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