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Chapter 229

At that moment, Harry and the others were waiting anxiously for an update.

A message was sent to Harry’s personal number: We’ve successfully transferred all six hundred and thirty five million from Imperial Meadows Limited.

Harry deliberately checked his bank account and verified that it was true.

Little did they know, Harry merely accessed a fake statement because the money was already in Chris and Samuel’s possession.

The brothers returned at midnight. “Grandpa, I think you should inform Zoey and her family that you transferred the money away to save the trouble. They can’t do anything to us if we do that.” Samuel tricked Harry.

Henry nodded in agreement. “That’s right. It will be troublesome for us if they contact the police after realizing the money is missing.”

“Okay. I will go tomorrow.” Harry agreed.

Samuel and his brother exchanged a wicked smile. There’s nothing to worry about now since we convinced Harry Lopez to admit his doing. This matter has got nothing to do with us from tomorrow onwards!

The next day.

Zoey was informed by the finance department of a bad news when she arrived at the company. All their money in the company’s account was gone.

“What?” Zoey was dumbstruck. All the money is gone? There’s nothing left in the company’s account..

Zoey nearly passed out from the shock.

“Stay calm, Ms. Lopez. Our technicians are looking into this matter. They said the money was transferred into a personal account.” The person in charge of the finance department said.

Zoey was puzzled. “How is that possible? How can someone move the money inside the company’s account?”

“This can happen under two circumstances. The first possibility is that we are facing a very skilled hacker. The next possibility is that an insider committed this embezzlement. They know the classified information about the company’s account and are even knowledgeable of the firewall password.”

Zoey said without any hesitation. “Let’s contact the police!”

Harry arrived with his family at that moment. “Is there really a need to call the cops, Zoey? This is a family matter, after all.” He said.

“Huh? What’s going on, grandpa?” Zoey was confused.

Harry put on a gentle smile. “Zoey, I transferred all the money to my personal account because I am worried that you will not make sound judgments with the large amount of money received from the investments.”

Zoey stared at Harry incredulously. “How can you do that, grandpa? This money has got nothing to do with you! That’s the investment capital I received from Morris Group!”

“That’s not right, Zoey! How can you say that? I gave Imperial Meadows Limited to your family in the past, and I am one of the shareholders. So at the end of the say, this company belongs to the Lopez family!”

“That’s right! What do you mean by that? Are you abandoning your family and betraying your ancestors?” Melanie and Samuel placed the blame on Zoey.

“That’s not what I meant, grandpa. I am still a member of the Lopez family.” Zoey’s voice was shaky.

Harry was infuriated. “Let me be frank! I took the money away. We should stick together as a family and share this fortune if you are a member of the Lopez family. If you consider yourself otherwise, then feel free to call the cops on me!” Harry left angrily with the others afterward.

Zoey slumped onto the floor helplessly. Are they even my family? How dare he call himself my grandpa? How can they behave so unreasonably?

Zoey had no other choice but to return home since she couldn’t proceed with any project without any money in the company’s account.

Harry had informed Aaron and Caitlyn in person as well. He acted overbearingly even when he took the money without consent as if Aaron and Zoey were at fault for not handing the money to him in the first place. Zoey and her mother held onto each other and cried their eyes out.

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