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Chapter 228

He could even lay his hands on some of the most confidential information about the company’s account.

“Alright. Leave it to me.”

Samuel and Chris left the house to carry out their plan in a secluded place.

But the brothers were not the only ones at that place. There were three other people on their team.

They began working inside an abandoned factory.

Overnight, They were able to hacked into Imperial Meadows Limited’s system and accessed the company’s account.

“Haha! There is more than six hundred and thirty five million in Imperial Meadows Limited’s account!”

Samuel and Chris were astonished.

“I think Zoey Lopez did not have the time to utilize this money because she received the amount recently.” Samuel said mischievously.

“Great! The money belongs to us now!” Chris laughed suddenly.

All the money within Imperial Meadows Limited’s account was transferred away in less than five seconds.

Chris and Samuel smiled smugly. I bet Harry Lopez and his family didn’t see this coming. We did not transfer the money to Harry’s account. Instead, we moved all the money into a joint account overseas that’s under our names.

“We’ll target the Lopez family now!” Chris’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Yes. Let’s hurry! I returned to North Hampton two months ago for the sole purpose of collecting confidential financial information about the Lopez family.” Samuel put on a pensive smile.

The reason behind Samuel’s return to the country was to steal the Lopez family’s fortune. He had spent the last two months gaining Harry’s trust and collecting crucial information on the family’s financial status. A hacker’s ability is limited without any information. So the best thing to do is to search for loopholes in advance. I’ve waited so long for this to happen. Originally, I did not want to carry out my plan so soon, but all my effort will be for naught once Zoey cuts ties with the Lopez family and establish her own company. So this is the best time to take their possessions and flee. We will place the blame on the Lopez family. They can’t possibly explain themselves after this. We’ve been lying to Melanie all this while with our fake rich overseas family background.

“There is one hundred and fifty million in Lopez Group’s account! The rest of the branch companies’ assets add up to sixty million. They have a total of twenty million in their personal accounts. So we are looking at a sum of two hundred and thirty million from the Lopez family!” Chris and his team hacked into their accounts effortlessly.


All the money under the Lopez family’s possession was transferred away the moment Chris pressed on the keyboard.

“Hahaha! We have eight hundred million now! This money is enough for us to live carefreely for the rest of our lives!” Samuel and Chris hugged each other tightly.

After that, Chris faked some bank account statements to convince Harry that the money was transferred to his account.

They erased all traces of the other transactions as well by replacing them with fake figures.

For a short while, the members of the Lopez family would still be able to see the balance in their bank accounts, but the money was, in fact, gone. Samuel and Chris would’ve already fled by the time they realize the truth.

Moreover, they transferred the money to an overseas bank account registered under Harry Lopez’s name. So Harry would become the scapegoat as the records of transactions would show that he transferred all the money to his account.

But the money would’ve disappeared without a trace by that time.

Samuel and his brother were able to fake their wealthy family background because they scammed over ten thousand using that method in the last few years.

“You’re doomed now, Lopez family! It’s a pity that I didn’t get to sleep with Zoey.” Samuel lamented.

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