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Chapter 227

Winston was surprised. “But he did not give off this kind of vibe last night.”

Una shared her thoughts. “I think this is his tactic of playing hard to get. He’s trying to maximize the benefit he can get from us.”

“That’s right. He must have left the scene deliberately last night after discerning our extraordinary status. He wanted us to locate him so he can get more money from us!”

Winston sighed. “Ten billion is not a problem. But I do not think he deserves this money.”

“I’ll look into his background in detail.” Una was annoyed.

Zoey’s company was doing well recently. She even had plans to sever all ties with the Lopez family and establish a new company.

But the Lopez family saw through her actions despite how careful she was.

“Traitor! Aaron and his family are all traitors!” Henry shouted angrily.

Harry’s expression darkened as well.

Samuel and Melanie said at the same time. “Grandpa, we already told you that Zoey does not care about you. Look at what she’s planning to do now. She’s cutting ties with the Lopez family!”

“Does she have the guts to do so? I am still one of her company’s shareholders!” Harry roared.

“If she’s planning to establish a new company, then she must have thought of a way to handle this issue, grandpa.” Samuel said.

Fabian asked. “Then what can we do? Zoey’s company received a few hundred million of investments lately. I even heard Morris Group would be collaborating closely with her in the future.”

“That’s the problem. We cannot stop her. She can give up Imperial Meadows at any time with the capital she has currently. Grandpa’s shares will not make any difference!” Henry answered.

Harry sighed as well. He could not think of any way to salvage the situation.

Samuel voiced out all of a sudden. “I have an idea, grandpa!”

Harry and the others looked at him at once. “What’s the idea? Hurry up and tell us!”

“Do you still remember my younger brother? The one that I wanted to introduce to Zoey in the past.”


Samuel smiled smugly. “My brother is coming to North Hampton tomorrow. He’s a brilliant hacker. He can hack into almost any company’s system. My idea is to let my brother, Chris, to hack into Imperial Meadows’s account and transfer all the money into grandpa’s account. You are one of the company’s shareholders, so Zoey cannot take any legal action against you.”

Everyone contemplated the idea. Zoey will not be able to do anything after the money is transferred to grandpa’s account. She will not have the guts to sue us, much less Aaron and his wife.

Harry pondered about it for a moment before he said. “Yes. That’s feasible. She cannot do anything by the time the money is transferred to my account.” This is the same as before when I took the one hundred million given to them by the Rogers family. They could not do a thing back then either.

“We must screw Aaron and his family over. They are too smug lately! I heard Aaron is announcing to everyone that he’s buying a new house and a new car!” Henry and the other members of the Lopez family were not pleased by Aaron’s good fortune.

They were looking forward to ruining the happy moment for Aaron and his family.

Meanwhile, Zoey and her family were oblivious to the Lopez family’s preparation.

Aaron and Caitlyn were celebrating the family’s success every day while it lasted.

The next day, Chris arrived at North Hampton. Harry welcomed him in person and even treated him to extravagant meals. Then they began to execute their plan.

“I’ll need some information about the company…” Chris said.

Harry Lopez was one of Imperial Meadows’s shareholders, so it was an easy task for him to obtain classified information about the company.

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