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Chapter 226

He worked so hard the whole day for that little amount of money? But he’s not satisfied with one billion? He’s too greedy! Una’s impression toward Levi worsened instantaneously. I thought he was a kind-hearted and knowledgeable man for saving grandfather’s life last night.

But it seems to me he’s just a greedy person with a terrible personality. He thinks he deserves ten billion because he saved someone when he can only earn a few thousand from a day’s labor. But I cannot unleash my anger on him now because he did rescue grandfather last night.

Una said with a smile. “I’ll get back to you after I discuss with my family, Mr. Garrison.”

Levi urged them. “Please leave now. I don’t need a single cent from you, I’m not short of money anyway.”

Una left with her assistant afterward. We know Levi is playing hard to get. He’s implying to us that he wants ten billion while rejecting our offers on the surface. There’s no way he’s sincere about not needing this large amount of cash!

“Let’s discuss this matter with grandfather and the others. I did not expect him to be such a jerk. These poor people are the greediest as I expected!” Una’s face was contorted with rage.

But little did they know that Levi could not care less about the money. A trillion meant nothing to him, much less a mere billion. Levi was infuriated by Una’s sudden and unwelcome visit. He continued to focus on his work after they left.

The Gonzales family house was the largest and most luxurious villa in North Hampton.

The Gonzales family members built a private hospital next to the villa because they were worried about Winston’s health. The hospital was equipped with three helicopters and forty medical staff. Their services were exclusive only to the Gonzales family.

Winston Gonzales was resting at that moment. He felt fine after he was brought back to the villa last night and his condition improved significantly compared to before.

Winston was discussing Levi’s miraculous techniques with Linden when Una returned to the villa.

Winston asked in a hurry. “Did you find him, Una?”

“I found him. He’s working for Ants Movers Company. There’s no need to investigate further. I have the pictures here.” Una handed a few pictures to her grandfather and other family members.

Levi was working diligently while wearing the company’s uniform under the blazing sun in the photos.

“He’s earning a few thousand from his current occupation. So he’s considered well off among the commoners.” Una said.

Winston questioned her immediately. “What did you do? Did you thank him? I told you to give him a hundred million, didn’t I?”

“I did. But he rejected me.” Una put on a long face.

“What? He rejected a hundred million? That young man has got a great personality!” Winston was impressed by Levi.

“That’s not the case, grandfather. He’s simply too greedy. He rejected me even after I tried to offer him one billion! I suppose he’s planning to get ten billion from us after knowing your identity.”

Everyone gasped after listening to Una’s explanation. Ten billion is a huge amount for an ordinary person working as a mover!

Winston frowned. “Did he say that out loud?”

Una described the incident in detail.

Winston nodded after she was done. “You’re right. He is planning to get ten billion from us.”

“What should we do, grandfather? I think it’s a waste to offer ten billion to someone like him.” Una said.

The other family members were wearing a disdainful expression as well.

“That’s right! I don’t think he will stop at ten billion. He will keep asking for more because of your status as the wealthiest man in North Hampton!”

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