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Chapter 225

Levi had to continue with his task of moving the furniture. So he said impatiently. “I don’t need anything. A verbal gratitude from you is more than sufficient.”

But Una was determined. “No way! I have to do something!”

“I don’t need anything.” Levi was frustrated.

“Let me tell you my grandfather’s identity. The man you rescued last night is the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Winston Gonzales. I am his granddaughter, Una Gonzales. I am currently working in Miracle Med Corporation, a company under Gonzales Group. My company’s assets are worth over ten billion!”

Levi was stunned after listening to Una’s introduction. I see. So I saved the wealthiest man in North Hampton last night. No wonder that scene last night was so impressive. That helicopter arrived in just eight minutes while carrying an entire medical team.

Una was satisfied with the outcome as she looked at Levi’s dumbfounded expression. Everyone has always reacted in this manner whenever they found out about my identity.

She looked at Levi proudly. “Do you believe that I can fulfil all your wishes now? Just tell me what you want, and I will make it a reality.”

Levi shook his head. “Thanks but no thanks.”

“Why don’t I offer you a hundred million?” Una suggested.

Her assistant pulled out a check from her briefcase immediately.

Una signed on the cheque and handed the paper to Levi magnanimously. “Here you go!”

Levi grimaced. He stared at Una displeasingly. ‘Is she trying to insult me? Does she think her behavior is acceptable just because her family is the wealthiest in North Hampton? I’ve accumulated so much money in the last few years even ten trillion is insignificant to me! The wealthiest man in North Hampton is just a nobody in my opinion. Expressing your gratitude by shoving a hundred million check to me is a form of insult. I am countless times richer than you, for God’s sake!’

Una and her assistant exchanged glances when they saw the changes in Levi’s expression. A similar thought flashed across their minds at that moment. He is a commoner, after all. He must be trying to ask for more now that he’s aware of our status. A mere employee of a movers company is seizing this golden opportunity to earn some big profit. Well, I can’t blame him. This is human nature.

“How about two hundred million then?” Una sounded Levi out.

Levi’s expression was stone-cold as before.

Hahaha! Una almost laughed out loud. He’s obviously not satisfied with that amount.

She took a deep breath. “What about a billion? That and my grandfather is inviting you to our house as a guest. You will be our family’s guest of honor from now on. No one in North Hampton will dare to disrespect you.”

Levi said coldly. “I’m sorry, but I am not interested in money. I do not lack money either.”

Then he turned and walked inside the house.

Una and her assistant looked at one another. As expected of an Average Joe, he’s not satisfied with one billion. Judging from his attitude, he’s probably going to ask for ten billion. The Gonzales family can certainly afford ten billion, but I cannot make this decision on my own. I need to consult grandfather about this matter.

They followed Levi into the house.

An envelope was placed on the table near the door with Levi’s name written on it.

Una handed Levi the envelope after she entered the house.

He did not notice the envelope previously.

After he unsealed the envelope, Levi saw a stack of cash that’s around a few thousand.

Attached with it was a note: The fee for your hard work today.

Levi slipped the money into his pocket and tossed the note away.

Una and her assistant witnessed everything.

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