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Chapter 224

Winston was pleased when he was informed of the turn of events. “That young man has a commendable attitude. He must know I am rich after noticing all the luxurious cars and helicopters, yet he still left silently.

I must reward him handsomely. I can turn him into a billionaire if he comes from a poor family. If he is already a successful person, then I will bring him to greater heights in life. He will become a significant figure in North Hampton!”

Everyone was impressed by Winston’s announcement. He was the wealthiest person, after all. He was a god-like being, in everyone’s opinion. He was someone who can alter another person’s fate effortlessly. His connections with all the influential forces in North Hampton surpassed even the Chamber of Commerce.

“Utilize all possible means to look for that young man. I want to know his identity by tomorrow.” Winston ordered.

That night, over ten thousand men were tracking down Levi’s whereabouts.

Una was filled with regrets. “I forgot how he looks like because I was overwhelmed by fear at that time.”

Zoey and Iris were discussing their future plans when Levi arrived home.

Iris said to him coldly as soon as he walked through the door. “I will move into my new house tomorrow. I hope you can come help me. Do not worry because I will pay you.”

Zoey laughed awkwardly. “What are you talking about, Iris. Levi will help you if he’s free. There’s no need to pay him.”

Iris snorted. She thought to herself. ‘Well, your husband already took my money earlier in the day!’

The next day, Iris went to work early in the morning.

She left Levi to handle everything about her moving in.

Levi had no other choice but to play along with Iris’s request because of Zoey.

Iris’s house was spacious. She purchased brand new furniture for her home. So the movers sent a few lorries of items to her house.

They gave Levi a set of uniform as well.

Levi participated in the movers’ rank after he changed into the uniform.

He carried the electrical appliances into the house under the blazing sun.

At that moment, an expensive Ferrari drove into Bayview Garden and came to a halt in front of Iris’s house.

A girl dressed in luxurious clothing got out of the car. She revealed her beautiful facial features after removing her sunglasses.

Another woman dressed in a black professional suit got out of the passenger seat with a briefcase in her hand.

Levi had met with the girl last night. She was the granddaughter of the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Una Gonzales, also known as the Princess of North Hampton. Una was fond of playing the piano, so her family purchased three billion worth of insurance to protect her hands.

She rushed forward to meet with Levi excitedly. “It is you, Mr. Garrison!” Una greeted him with a smile

All men from the Gonzales family had failed to locate Levi last night. Just as the time limit given by Winston was about to run out, someone discovered him working together with the movers.

Una hurried over immediately to express her gratitude.

She was certain Levi worked for Ants Movers Company as he was wearing the uniform.

Levi stopped his work at hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

He did not remember Una because he was focused on rescuing Winston last night.

“Do you remember what happened last night? You saved my grandfather!” Una said.

“Oh. It’s you. Why are you here?” Levi asked.

“I am here to thank you, Mr. Garrison! You have my gratitude for saving my grandfather!”

“You’re welcome. There’s no need for you to come all the way just to thank me.”

Una shook her head. “There is a need to thank you in person, Mr. Garrison. I shall fulfil all your wishes to express my gratitude.”

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