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Chapter 223

“Haha, you call yourselves bodyguard with those slow movements? These medications will not work on him anymore now that he’s ten minutes into cardiac arrest. In a few more minutes time, he’ll be gone forever.” Levi explained with a smile.

The bodyguards’ faces fell after listening to Levi. ‘There are eight more minutes before the medical team is here by taking the helicopter.’

The girl grasped the severity of the situation. “That’s right! The medication is no longer effective. Grandfather requires immediate medical attention!”

Levi added. “He’s experiencing a cardiac arrest. Do as you wish and wait all you want then!”

The girl begged Levi. “Please save my grandfather, mister!”

“Alright. Step aside. Let me try and help him!” Levi agreed because it was a life and death situation.

The bodyguards could only stand and watch.

Levi had no other choice but to use his hands to perform the resuscitation procedures since there wasn’t any medical equipment around. He pressed the aged man’s chest repeatedly…

A helicopter landed three minutes later.

A dozen doctors hurried over with a team of helpers behind.

The staggering number reflected the old man’s status.

The doctor leading the group of people mumbled to himself remorsefully. “We’re late! It’s over ten minutes now. His heart must’ve stopped beating.”

The other doctors following him were nervous as well. ‘If he’s gone, we will follow him to his grave too! He’s too important. That man is the wealthiest person in North Hampton, Mr. Winston Gonzales!’

The doctors shoved aside the bodyguards who were rooted to their spots dumbfoundedly and arrived at the side of the Maybach.

“You’re finally here, Doctor Woodward! Grandfather entered into a cardiac arrest state for a long while now!” The girl scolded.

Doctor Woodward grumbled internally. Shit!

But when he saw Levi performing the resuscitation procedure, he was stunned. “What’s this? What is he doing?”

The group of doctors were horrified.

“He said he could save Mr. Gonzales.” The leader of the bodyguards said.

“What? That’s nonsense! This is ridiculous!” Doctor Woodward shouted. ‘This stranger’s interference took away every last bit of hope we have to rescue Mr. Gonzales! He must be dead now. That means we’re all goners too.’

Doctor Woodward chided. “Were you all born yesterday? Why didn’t you stop him?”

The bodyguards lowered their heads in silence.

Cough, cough…

At that moment, they heard a series of coughing amidst the commotion.

Everyone bore witness at the miraculous scene as Winston Gonzales, who was experiencing cardiac arrest mere moments ago, straightened himself in a seated position.

Levi got out of the car and fed Winston the medications.

The medications were now effective as his heart was now pumping.

Winston Gonzales was no longer coughing or experiencing shortness of breath after taking the medications.

Everyone was astounded by that amazing sight.

Levi glanced at the doctors and said. “You can now bring him to the hospital to monitor his condition. There shouldn’t be any problem now.”

Winston grasped Levi’s hands and expressed his gratitude. “Thank you so much, young man. I would’ve died today if it wasn’t for you.”

Levi beamed at him. “You don’t have to thank me. You should go to the hospital now to review your condition thoroughly.”

A few doctors came to bring Winston Gonzales away on a stretcher.

He reminded his granddaughter before entering the helicopter. “Bring that young man to our house, Uno. He is our family’s savior.”

Linden Woodward wanted to talk to Levi as well. He was curious about the method Levi used to resurrect Winston.

But when Uno and Linden turned around, Levi was already gone.

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