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Chapter 222

Iris looked at Levi and lamented. “They are about the same age, but why are there such a big difference between them?”

Zoey defended Levi “Levi is still a capable person. You should give him a few chances to prove himself.”

Iris turned her head to the other side, not wanting to look at him anymore. “Morris Group is hiring at the moment, but he’s clearly not a good fit. He’s only suitable for positions such as cleaners and security guards.”

Iris was implying Levi’s status to be equivalent to trash.

Zoey smiled. “I suppose you’re eager to meet with this mysterious boss, Iris?”

Iris responded with heightened anticipation. “Mr. Atkinson told me I would meet with him soon. I can guarantee he is an influential figure in North Hampton. I am so lucky to be able to work with him!” After that, Iris shifted the topic of conversation. “Zoey, I really recommend you to file a divorce with Levi as soon as possible. You are progressing so well now in your career. In contrast, Levi is worsening by the day. With the way things are moving, Levi will propose a divorce sooner or later. So you might as well do it now. I can introduce better candidates to you. All of these men are elites in their respective fields, and are more accomplished than Levi ever was or will be.”

Zoey rejected with a smile. “I know you have my best interest in your heart, Iris. But I will only be with Levi for the rest of my life.”

Iris sighed. She knew how stubborn Zoey could be. Perhaps I should target Levi instead. I will force him to leave Zoey.

Iris ditched Levi and sent Zoey back to the house after dinner.

Soon after the ladies left, a group of people surrounded Levi.

Leo Rogers and his men had arrived. “Should I send you back in person, Mr. Garrison?” Leo asked.

“That’s not needed. I will go back on my own.”

Levi lit a cigarette and disappeared into the night.

He decided to return to the house on foot because he wanted to contemplate his strategy to deal with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. This Chamber of Commerce is a long-standing organization in North Hampton, after all. This organization’s downfall will affect the economic growth of North Hampton, as well as other sectors. A lot of people will become jobless by that time… That is not an outcome I desire. I cannot manipulate North Hampton’s development to fulfil my selfish wishes. The best way to handle this situation is to first expand Morris Group to the extent of being able to replace the Chamber of Commerce’s position. Then I can corner them with fewer concerns.

At that moment, a Maybach that cost over ten million was parked beside the road, with its turn signal flashing.

Something bad had happened evidently.

A girl’s cry for help was heard, but her words were not distinguishable as she mumbled in a panic-stricken manner.

Upon arriving at the scene, Levi saw an aged man suffering from cardiac arrest in the backseat. He deduced that man to be a chronic heart disease patient judging from the medications next to him. His condition is severe.

“I can save your grandfather. Move aside!” Levi said.

The girl did as Levi said. She moved aside to let Levi help with her grandfather’s condition.

Levi has the necessary skills befitting that of a professional doctor. He was involved in medical-related business six years ago and had polished his skills on the battlefield. It was a common thing for him to operate on the injured soldiers in the warzone. So he had the confidence to save that aged man.

“What are you doing? Stop immediately!” Someone shouted angrily.

Levi turned around and saw over a hundred men standing behind him.

They were the aged man’s bodyguards.

The bodyguards were about to seize Levi because they thought he was harming the aged man.

“I am rescuing him. Move aside!” Levi ordered harshly.

The bodyguards’ leader warned Levi. “We have a professional medical team. You are not needed here. So you better stop what you’re doing!”

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