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Chapter 221

Zoey and Iris were petrified. They were slightly convinced by Levi’s statement at that moment. This is the only logical explanation. Firstly, they chased all the other patrons away upon our arrival, then they served all their finest dishes to us for free, not to forget, the manager of this restaurant actually cleaned Levi’s shoes for him!

Iris’s phone rang all of a sudden. Her lips curved upward after she looked at the screen. I asked a friend to investigate this restaurant’s information after sensing the odd atmosphere. And I’ve received the reply now. Leo Rogers is the single owner of Royale Club Restaurant.

“Hahaha… How dare you tell us this restaurant belongs to you, Levi Garrison?” Iris questioned him.

“That’s right. Is there a problem?” Levi admitted magnanimously.

Iris glowered at him and handed her phone to Zoey.

All the colors drained from Zoey’s face after reading the message. We were both astounded by Levi’s statement earlier. We really thought he’s the owner of this restaurant.

Zoey smiled. “Please don’t mind him, Iris. Levi likes to joke around.”

Iris sneered. “I realized that earlier. He’s full of big-talks. Can you show us your business license, Mr. Palmer?”

Iris was a meticulous person. She wanted to expose Levi’s lie with evidence.

Alger had no other choice but to show her the business license.

Iris slammed the business license in front of Levi. “Look intently at this. Do you see who’s the owner of this restaurant? This place belongs to Leo Rogers! Do you see your name anywhere on this license?”

Alger retorted internally. He could have the entire Rogers family with a single word.

Iris chided at Levi’s silence. “Please think before you speak in the future, especially when you’re in public spaces. Please do not bring shame to Zoey’s good name!”

Zoey was still puzzled by everything that had happened. She whispered at her best friend. “What’s going on, Iris? Why are we receiving this kind of ultra-luxurious treatment?”

Iris frowned. “The only explanation I can think of is because of my status as Morris Group’s vice-president. Most people already know that Mr. Atkinson purchased Levi Group and Garrison Group from the Rogers family. I suppose the Rogers family is treating Mr. Atkinson like a VVIP now. So it is logical for me, his vice-president, to receive similar treatments too.”

Zoey was amazed. “Mr. Atkinson is so impressive! But I guess this is not a surprise. Someone who have the capabilities to deal with the Rogers family must be a distinguished man.”

Iris smirked. “Let me tell you a secret, Zoey. Neil Atkinson is actually just an employee.”

Zoey was taken aback. She asked in disbelief. “Are you telling me there’s someone else who’s in control of Morris Group?”

Iris nodded. “That’s right. I only knew about this after Neil Atkinson informed me that it was actually the real owner of Morris Group who interviewed me virtually. He’s indeed a formidable man. He outshines all the other exceptional men I’ve met in my field in terms of his thought process and his vision of the company’s prospects. It is not an exaggeration to say that I’m his fan now!”

Admiration glinted in Iris’s eyes as she described Levi’s abilities. She was truly captivated by Levi’s competency that day.

Levi, who was enjoying his lobsters at the side, smiled. I did not expect Iris Anabelle to become my fan now.

“Really? Then I suppose he’s someone that’s old with a lot of experiences?” Zoey asked curiously.

“That’s not it. Mr. Atkinson told me he’s a young man, about the same age as your Levi Garrison.”

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