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Chapter 220

Why am I allowed to sit here when I am only a silver card member? Something’s wrong. There must be something going on here. I’ve sensed the bizarre atmosphere since we walked through the door earlier.

“Are you satisfied with our services, Mr. Garrison and esteemed guests?” Alger sought out their opinions while looking at Levi, naturally.

Levi replied with a smile. “It’s acceptable.”

Zoey was anxious while Iris said coldly. “What are you talking about, Levi Garrison? You’re not qualified to voice out your opinion in a place like this.”

Clarity washed over Alger Palmer instantaneously. These two ladies must not be aware of Levi Garrison’s identity. He quickly smoothed things over. “Please calm down, Ms. Anabelle. We accept every feedback given by our patrons. You can even give us suggestions as to how we can improve our services. We will try our best to please Mr. Garrison!” Leo Rogers’s words rang beside Alger’s ears as he shuddered fearfully. You will suffer greatly if anyone inside the restaurant displeases Levi Garrison.

Maintaining Levi’s good mood was the utmost priority for every staff in Royale Club Restaurant at that moment.

Alger bowed deeply while asking for Levi’s opinion. “Do you have any suggestion for us, Mr. Garrison?”

“I do have one suggestion. Hurry up and serve the dishes. I am famished!” Levi said impatiently.

Alger waved his hand at once. “Hurry up and serve the dishes. Bring out all the best dishes we have in the restaurant immediately!”

“That’s the spirit!”

Alger was visibly excited to receive a compliment from Levi.

He took out a handkerchief to clean Levi’s leather shoes after noticing some stain. “There is some dirt on your shoes, Mr. Garrison. Let me wipe off the stain for you.”

Zoey and Iris widened their eyes incredulously.

They stare in horror as Alger crouched down to clean Levi’s shoes. Oh my God! What’s going on?

They were aware of Alger’s elevated status as the manager of Royale Club Restaurant. Most wealthy people had to pay their respect to him because the restaurant was part of the Rogers family’s business, after all.

So what is he doing, cleaning Levi’s shoes in front of us? Who is Levi, actually? This is unbelievable!

The entire table was swiftly filled with freshly-prepared dishes after Zoey and Iris recovered from their momentary daze.

Iris was shocked when she saw the dishes served on the table. These are not what I ordered. All these dishes are the most expensive items on the menu because of the rarity of the ingredients. This meal alone will cost me over two hundred thousand!

Iris smiled awkwardly. “Is there an error with the kitchen? These are not the dishes I ordered.”

Alger answered with a courteous smile. “Please be rest assured, Ms. Anabelle and Ms. Lopez. This meal is completely free of charge. All of you have the right to dine in here anytime, without any booking and payment!”

Iris was bewildered. “This… this… But manager, I am only a silver card member!”

“That’s alright. All of you can enjoy more benefits than those entitled to diamond card members.” Alger added.

Iris and Zoey were caught in perplexity. They gazed at Levi, who was stuffing his face with the luscious foods at the moment. it seems like he’s the crux of all that’s happening…

Iris could not contain her curiosity. “Who are you, Levi Garrison? We seem to be receiving all these extraordinary treatments because of you.”

Levi responded without even looking at her. “You’re right. It is because of me.”

“Then who are you?” Iris gulped as anxiety crept into her heart.

Zoey tensed up as well.

Levi wiped his mouth and answered. “I am the owner of this restaurant. So it’s only natural that I can enjoy everything here as I like.”

Silence filled the air after Levi spoke.

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