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Chapter 219

A Porsche 911, worth over a million, was parked outside the house when they arrived at the entrance.

“My car is here!” Iris opened the car door and entered the driver seat.

She had purchased everything she needed before her return to the country. One of the cars she bought was this Porsche 911, while the house she acquired was next to Levi and Zoey in Bayview Garden.

“Get in, Zoey!” Iris shouted.

Zoey hesitated. There are only two seats available in this sports car. What about Levi?

“Hmph! Let him take a cab. Do not drive there, Levi Garrison! The place we are going to does not allow any car below one million to enter.” Iris reminded Levi sternly. ‘I am going to show him the difference between our standards right here and now. He should just take a cab there instead of sticking out like a sore thumb at that high-end restaurant for driving a cheap car.’

In the end, Zoey joined Iris in her car while Levi took a cab to their destination.

Royale Club Restaurant was located in a secluded place. The restaurant accepted only customers with advanced booking. Any customer who wished to dine in must register as a member by paying a two million registration fee. Besides, they had to book a table a week, or even a month earlier. The reason behind the hassle was the expensive ingredients that required advanced preparation.

The Royale Club Restaurant was part of Leo Rogers’s business. The place was nominally run by the Rogers family, but Levi was the actual owner.

Numerous luxurious cars were parked outside the restaurant. Even Iris’s Porsche 911 did not seem significant among the expensive cars.

She jeered at Levi. “Do you see this, Levi Garrison? Zoey and I are people who deserve such lavish lifestyle. You don’t have a thing you can provide for Zoey. You are just an embarrassment and a burden to her!”

Levi ignored her.

Iris showed her member card to enter the restaurant, but her card was merely an entry-level silver card.

She waved the member card in her hand. “Do you see this card? I have to pay two million a year just to qualify as the lowest ranking member in this restaurant!” Iris glanced at Zoey. “I’m sorry to say this in front of you, Zoey, but Levi Garrison will never get the chance to step into this place without us.”

Zoey was caught in a difficult position. But she could do nothing about Iris’s blatant personality.


For some unknown reasons, every staff inside the restaurant was looking at the trio apprehensively with respect and even fear.

Iris did not know what was going on either. What’s with these people? Am I that scary-looking?

Little did she know, they were actually wary of Levi’s presence. Every member of the Rogers family was afraid of Levi more than anyone else.

The manager of Royale Club Restaurant, Alger Palmer, immediately rushed over to greet them. “Esteemed Mr. Garrison, Ms. Anabelle, and Ms. Lopez, welcome!”

All the other waiters and waitresses raised their voices at once. “Welcome to Royale Club Restaurant!”

Then Alger shouted. “Clear the tables. Ask all the other patrons to leave right away! Our restaurant will only serve Mr. Garrison and his guests tonight!”

Soon, Levi, Zoey, and Iris were the only patrons left.

Zoey and Iris were in disbelief as they witnessed that scene. What? What’s happening? Are they chasing all the other patrons away because of me? But I am only a silver member here. I believe there were other gold, platinum, and diamond-ranked patrons dining here earlier.

In the end, Levi and the ladies were arranged to sit in the best spot inside the restaurant.

Iris was confused. This seat is only open for diamond card members, and that’s equivalent to spending fifty million in this place every year. My card obviously does not fulfil that requirement!

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