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Chapter 218

Levi took the cash and stashed the money into his wallet.

Iris shook her head and sighed at that sight. He’s willing to accept the money without any complaint. He really doesn’t deserve Zoey anymore.

Levi added. “You’re even tipping me? Did you strike gold earlier?”

Iris pointed at Morris Group. “Do you know this place?”

Levi nodded. “Of course. This place used to be Levi Group.”

“Yes. Morris Group had acquired Garrison Group. This company’s assets are worth more than ten billion now, so the prospect is something to behold. I am the newly-hired vice-president of Morris Group. I do not prioritize the salary, but they are paying me seventy million annually.” Iris explained to Levi as if that was an insignificant matter. I can earn this much money while I was abroad anyway. I applied for this job in Morris Group mainly to fulfill my dreams.

“Congratulations then!” Levi grinned. He added to himself internally. I’m afraid you will never know this. But I am your boss, I will be the one that get to decide the amount of your annual salary.

Levi brought Iris back to Bayview Garden.

She was stunned after taking a look at the house. “You bought this?” Iris asked with uncertainty.

“Oh, no. We rent this place.” Levi answered.

“Hahaha…” Iris laughed out loud. “Don’t you feel ashamed, Levi Garrison? You are asking Zoey to stay in a rental house with you? Let me guess, Zoey pays for the rent too?” There’s no way Levi can afford to pay the monthly rent for this place. A luxurious house like this costs at least ten thousand a month to rent.

Levi nodded. “Yes. Zoey is paying the rent.”

“If I married a man like you, I would’ve divorced you without any hesitation. You are just a burden to Zoey!” Iris glared at Levi. “Don’t you dare spew nonsense about love in front of me. If you do love Zoey, you should leave her with her best interest in your heart!”

Levi sneered. “You’re underestimating me too much, woman. Believe me when I say this. I’m the one that gave you and Zoey everything you have.”

Pffft! Iris rolled her eyes at Levi. Ridiculous! He’s outrageous. The only improvement I can see in him is his ability to talk big shamelessly.

“I don’t mind marrying you if what you said is the truth!” Iris trembled with rage.

“Remember what you just said. Do not regret your decision in the future.” Levi beamed at her.

Iris was about to lose her mind when she saw Levi sizing her up. He’s a scumbag!

She went into the guest room and slammed the door behind her, reluctant to see Levi’s face for a second longer.

In the afternoon, Zoey returned home earlier than expected.

“Let’s go out and celebrate your return to the country, Iris!” Zoey was very excited.

“Sure. It’s my treat today since I got the job!” Iris said with a smile.

“That’s great!” Zoey was genuinely happy for her best friend.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for us to collaborate in the future, Zoey. I’ll definitely help you out with the investments.”

“Let’s go and have our meal!”

Iris said to Zoey straightforwardly when she saw Levi coming out from his room. “I need to talk to you about an unpleasant matter.”

Zoey was confounded. “What do you mean?”

“You should divorce Levi.” Iris added. “I believe your parents and relatives will agree with me for you to split up with him.”

“What? Divorce?”

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