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Chapter 217

‘No wonder she asked me to send her here. This is all Iris’s fault. I would’ve grasped the situation earlier if she did not bash me with all those insults just now.’

Iris’s interview started before Levi could recollect his thoughts.

She was indeed a highly competent candidate as she wasted no time to impress the interviewers with her performance.

Levi recomposed himself and began questioning her through Kirin.

Levi’s inquiries were all in point and reflected his professionalism.

Iris was amazed whenever Kirin asked her the questions. This Neil Atkinson is a remarkable man! The way he tackles a situation from a unique point of view is simply astounding! He’s a business prodigy. My career can only flourish under the leadership of a brilliant man like him. This will be a great opportunity to polish and further enhance my talents.

However, what Iris didn’t know was that it was Levi who was coming up with the questions.

She resolved all the queries one after the other in a calm and collected manner.

She’d prepared herself thoroughly before attending this interview. She has considered Morris Group’s future and laid out detailed plans to further advance the company in this industry. Levi thought Iris was indeed a capable person for the job. This is the type of talent I need in my company!

“Kirin, tell her she’s hired.” Levi said.

Kirin hesitated. Then he whispered. “Sir, there’s another candidate who hasn’t undergone the interview. Don’t you wish to compare the candidates?”

“That’s not needed. She’s the person I need to fill in the position. Ask the other candidate to apply for another executive position.” Levi answered.

Inside the meeting room.

Kirin put on a dazzling smile. “Congratulations, Ms. Anabelle. You are officially hired as the vice-president of Morris Group. Please familiarize yourself with the work environment today. You can start working tomorrow once you’re done handling the onboarding process with the HR department.”

“This…” The other executives inside the room were stunned.

Even Iris was taken aback. I have the confidence to land this job. But to make this announcement right here right now is unexpected. under normal circumstances, the executives will have to discuss and come up with a decision for a matter as important as this. Moreover, there’s another candidate that is waiting outside the room.

Elena asked, “What about the other candidate, Mr. Atkinson?”

Kirin smiled. “Ms. Anabelle is the right person for this job. Ask the other candidate to apply for another position.”


Iris was astonished. She could not help but admire Kirin’s decisiveness. He’s a resolute yet eccentric man. Only great men can possess a personality like this. I’ve come to the right place!

Iris walked up to Kirin, intending to discuss work-related matters. But Kirin responded in a friendly manner. “I’ll be frank, Ms. Anabelle. I’m just another employee of this corporation. The true owner of this company is another man. He was the one who interviewed you earlier.”

Shocked, Iris inquired about the company’s owner and even requested to meet with him.

“You’ll get the chance to meet him in the future.”

Back in Levi’s office.

Kirin wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. “Isn’t that decision too hasty, Sir?”

Levi smiled. “Not at all! That woman is bold and she can think outside the box. That kind of character is needed for a company’s constant development. I scanned through the other candidate’s resume, and his style is not what I’m looking for.”

Levi had already made the comparison in advance. Then he curled his lips and thought to himself. ‘I’m guessing you never expected me to become your superior, am I right, Iris Anabelle?’

Iris handled her onboarding procedures at the HR department and toured around the company before exiting with a pile of documents in her hands.

Unexpectedly, she was surprised to find Levi waiting for her at the entrance.

Levi had just reached the entrance too.

Iris eyed Levi confusedly. Then she took out more money from her purse and tossed the cash to Levi after entering the car. “Consider this the fee as well as your tips since you waited for me.” Iris said.

She had gotten used to the norm abroad where people would tip the waiters, valets, and cab drivers for their services. In Iris’s opinion, Levi was the same standard as those people, perhaps even more inferior than them.

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