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Chapter 216

Levi put on a wry smile. “You have got to be kidding me! I’m not married to you anyway.”

“Zoey is my best friend. I cannot allow her to ruin her life!” Iris said coldly. “Unless…”

“Unless what?” Her words piqued Levi’s interest.

“Unless you become successful again. You have to be as accomplished as Zoey to deserve her. Otherwise, I will never agree for you to stay by her side!”

Levi laughed. “I am the one who aided Zoey to achieve her current success, you know?”

Iris grimaced. She questioned Levi in an icy tone. “Are you telling me that you regained control of Levi Group and proposed to change the company’s name to Morris Group?”

Levi grinned. “You’re a smart lass all right! You’re absolutely correct!”

“Can you be a little more grounded, Levi Garrison? You’re ridiculous! I’ve researched everything about Morris Group. The Chairman of the company, Neil Atkinson, has got nothing to do with you!”

Iris kept quiet after she spoke her piece.

Pin drop silence filled the atmosphere inside the car.

Since young, Iris had been an assertive and domineering person, not to mention she had the abilities to back up her attitude.

She became more arrogant after she accumulated experiences and established her reputation in the financial world abroad.

Iris would only treat a few formidable figures in the financial world with respect at that point. I did not care to take Levi Garrison in the past seriously, much less this Levi Garrison who was recently released from prison! I realize he’s a really terrible man after that brief conversation we had. Women like me and Zoey are far too good for someone as lowly as him. I’ve made up my mind. One of my goals for returning to the country is to separate Levi from Zoey!

They arrived at Morris Group after a short while.

“Bring my luggage back to Zoey’s place for now. I will contact Zoey again at night.” Iris took a few bills and tossed the money at Levi before getting out of the car. “Don’t worry. I’m paying you for your hard work.”

In Iris’s opinion, Levi was a mere servant who can be tasked around with money.

Levi thought to himself as he looked at the money now lying on the passenger seat. She’s humiliating me with money! Whatever. I’ll bring her luggage back for now.

Kirin called just as Levi was about to leave. “Where are you, Sir? Both candidates have just arrived. We’ll be starting the interview at 10 o’clock sharp, as I mentioned previously.”

Levi patted his head after listening to Kirin’s reminder. I totally forgot about this because of Iris. ”I’m already here. I’ll head upstairs right away.” Levi answered.

“Alright. I will make the arrangements now.” Kirin said.

Kirin had settled everything by the time Levi reached his office.

Inside his office was a screen showing the live surveillance footage inside the meeting room. Both candidates would undergo their interviews in the meeting room in a short while.

Kirin was present inside the meeting room. But he was merely there to show his face. The other executives would be the ones to question the candidates. Elena Holmes was one of the executives to participate in the interview.

Kirin was wearing an earpiece to relay Levi’s questions to the candidates.

“The first candidate, please enter now.”

Thus, the interview officially began. The first candidate was a woman. She had a slender body figure and captivating looks.

Levi was dumbfounded when he saw the woman’s appearance through the screen. That’s Iris Anabelle! So that’s why she returned from abroad. She’s here to apply for the vice-president position in Morris Group!

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