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Chapter 215

Iris is a very competent person. She obtained two Master’s Degrees from two of the top universities in the country, then she studied abroad and stayed there to develop her career in the finance industry. Zoey was curious. She’s doing so well abroad at the moment. So why is she returning to the country all of a sudden?

Levi was puzzled too. It’s best to not try to figure out a woman’s thought process. They are complicated beings after all.

“What did she say to you?” Levi asked.

Zoey answered joyfully. “She told me she’s returning to North Hampton to develop her career. She has even bought a house here!”

However, Zoey frowned slightly as confusion glinted in her mesmerizing eyes. I wonder which company in North Hampton is capable of attracting Iris’s attention?

The next day, Levi drove Zoey’s car to the airport early in the morning.

Levi waited for a short while at the airport’s exit before Iris Anabelle showed up.

Iris was a slender woman at the height of 170cm. Her long legs were even comparable to professional models. She wore a pair of Ferragamo high heels and a black coat. Iris appeared to be overbearing and indifferent while wearing a pair of shades on her delicate face.

Her temperament was outstanding to the extent of convincing others to think of her as a famous star. Passers-by began taking photos of her with their phones.

Iris recognized Levi immediately. She strode up to him and tossed him her luggage.

“Send me to Morris Group before 9 o’clock. I’m in a hurry.” She demanded.

Levi felt helpless as he thought to himself. I came all the way here to pick you up. Not only did you fail to show your gratitude, but you are treating me like your servant?

But he stuffed the luggage into the trunk anyway.

“There’s only an hour left. Hurry up!”

Iris ordered harshly after she eyed her expensive Patek Philippe wristwatch upon entering the car.

“Alright. I’ll make sure you reach in time.” Levi started the engine.

Iris removed her shades, revealing her delicate facial features and flawless complexion. Iris Anabelle was definitely a woman with beauty comparable to that of Zoey Lopez.

She sized up Levi. “You’re still planning to stay by Zoey’s side?” She asked out of the blue.

“Why should I leave her?” Levi was bewildered.

“Because you do not deserve her! Putting aside your poverty, the fact that you were imprisoned previously was sufficient to make you an unworthy partner for Zoey. I am not discriminating against you, but your tainted record will affect Zoey’s future. Her company is getting on the right track now. She will expand her business after receiving the investment from Morris Group. When that time comes, Zoey can finally cut ties with the Lopez family. She will be one of the most respectable figures in North Hampton’s business world. What about you? What can you contribute to her success except being a burden for staying by her side? Others will jeer at her because of your bad record, not to mention the reason behind your imprisonment will be discussed behind Zoey’s back when she’s successful. You probably cannot fathom the impact of this issue, but you can see what I’m trying to tell you, right? You and Zoey will not benefit from staying together!”

Iris spoke eloquently as she bombarded Levi with her own opinions.

She continued upon noticing Levi’s silence. “Also, I no longer see any fighting spirit in you. You are no longer the same Levi Garrison from before. You bowed down in the face of harsh reality. The Levi Garrison from six years ago will not stoop so low as to chauffeur me from the airport.”

Levi glanced at Iris through the rearview mirror. He asked. “So?”

“So you have to get a divorce with Zoey! I will interfere and handle this matter once I settle down here.” Iris said domineeringly.

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