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Chapter 214

Wallace Henderson was caught in perplexity. “That’s right. Most of the men recruited by Whirlwind Security Company are ex-policemen and ex-soldiers. They are well-known for their efficiency and skills. I heard the team leaders were even mercenaries in the past. So why did they fall flat on their face all of a sudden?”

Eric took a deep breath. “This must be Neil Atkinson’s doing. He made the preparations in advance. But I do not understand how all of them fell at the same time. Even those men who experienced that bizarre fall did not know what happened to them.”

Baldwin stroked his chin. “Perhaps we underestimated Neil Atkinson! By the way, have you figured out his identity yet?”

The rest of them shook their heads. “We’ve utilized all our connections to investigate his identity, but nothing came up. His information seems to be classified.”

At that moment, the heir to the Anderson family, Virgil Anderson, walked hastily toward the elderlies. “Father, Uncles, the vice commander-in-chief, Mr. Hoyles, from the warzone has updated me with the latest news. He told me he is somewhat familiar with Neil Atkinson, and he is still investigating this matter. He wanted me to reassure all of you to be patient because he will find out Neil’s identity sooner or later.”

Eric Robinson’s son, Sheldon Robinson, brought news as well. “Mr. Cooke told me Neil came from the Northwest region. He is still trying to look into other aspects of his background.”

Grover’s information was accurate. Kirin was indeed serving the army in the Northwest warzone.

“Haha! That’s great! We will observe Morris Group’s plan for now.” Eric said.

Clifford nodded. “I’ve dealt with Whirlwind Security Company. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will have nothing to do with them.”

Inside Morris Group.

Levi proposed future development plans for the company. “We lack staff at the moment because we fired a lot of executives previously. Moreover, we’ve recently acquired Garrison Group as well. First, we have to recruit the company’s veterans who left due to pressure in the past. Then we will absorb talents from all over Erudia into our company.”

Kirin scratched his head embarrassingly. “I am adept at war and training soldiers, Sir. But doing business is not my forte.”

“The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had taken control of Levi Group’s core technology, but these pieces of information has been carved into my mind. We will produce similar products as them and sell our items at a lower price…” Levi smiled cunningly.

Kirin gave him a thumbs-up. This is a brilliant move. Our products will certainly affect the existing market if we offer a more competitive price. More importantly, they’ve stolen our technology. So they cannot stir up trouble either to prevent exposing their crime. They can only stand by and watch as Morris Group take over the entire market little by little.

“We cannot leave the vice-president position empty. I need to find someone capable of taking up this responsibility. Have you found a suitable candidate?” Levi asked.

Kirin nodded. “Yes, Sir. I’ve shortlisted two very competent candidates. They will be here to attend the interview tomorrow.”

Levi was satisfied with Kirin’s efficiency. “Great. I will participate in the interview tomorrow to select the best candidate.”

Levi returned home late in the night. He spent some time chatting with Zoey.

Zoey was amazed. “Mr. Atkinson is so impressive!” Evidently, she had seen the news report that day.

Levi had the urge to inform her that Neil Atkinson did not know a thing in the field of business.

“Oh! Did you know? My best friend, Iris Anabelle, is returning from overseas. I’m a little busy tomorrow, so can you help me pick her up at the airport?” Zoey asked.

“Okay. I’ll pick her up tomorrow.”

Levi was acquainted with Iris too. She was a top beauty, on par with Zoey, in the past during their high school years.

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