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Chapter 213

The men had only one goal. They wanted to disrupt the name-changing ceremony and thoroughly discredit Neil Atkinson as well as Levi Group.

All of them raised the baseball bats in their hands and rushed forward.

They were merely fifty meter away from the venue…

Levi witnessed everything from the president’s office.

A voice was heard through the earpiece Levi was wearing. “Sir, all thirty snipers have locked on to the targets. Please provide us with further instruction.”

No one knew that a few teams of snipers had surrounded Levi Group’s building by positioning themselves in the skyscrapers nearby. The snipers aimed their rifles at the incoming mob.

They had been waiting for those men in black to show up.

Levi gave the order as the mob moved closer to the crowd. “Shoot.”

Azure Dragon relayed Levi’s order as he commanded. “Attention to all sniper teams. Shoot. I repeat. Shoot.”

thirty snipers began to execute the order simultaneously.

The man charging ahead of the mob lost his balance and fell face first to the floor.




The rest of the men armed with baseball bats were shot after a split second and they fell onto the ground as well.

Kirin and the others stared at the astonishing sight as over a hundred men fell onto the ground and stayed motionless afterward.

No one expected that to happen. What’s wrong with them? Why are they lying on the ground now? They were charging toward us just a few moments ago.

Everyone was puzzled, including those lying on the floor. The angry mob lay on the ground with their bodies numbed. They could not muster any strength regardless of how hard they tried. No one could figure out what had actually happened.

Inside the president’s office.

Azure Dragon’s voice was heard from the earpiece. “Sir, the sniper teams had accomplished their mission.”

“Well done. Retreat.” Levi commanded.

The snipers disappeared without a trace upon receiving the order.

The snipers had loaded their rifles with shots containing anesthetics instead of real bullets.

The dose of the anesthetic shots was potent enough to paralyze even an elephant.

Most importantly, the shots would not leave any visible wound on the skin.

Kirin addressed the crowd after everyone calmed down. “Well, it seems like there’s a lot of people that are eager to congratulate us for the success of this name-changing ceremony. I am beyond honored. Thank you!”

The people lying on the ground felt extremely uncomfortable. Their bodies would not move, so they could not escape even if they wanted to.

In the end, all of them bore witness as Kirin changed the new inscribed board and officially renamed the company to Morris Group.

Xavier Fields sent his men to capture the entire mob after the ceremony ended.

The anesthetics wore off by the time they arrived at the police station.

They had no way to figure out what happened to them at that point. But none of them could escape punishment for harassing the public.

Those men were actually recruited by the North Hampton Whirlwind Security Company.

A few elderlies gathered beside a famous lake in North Hampton.

They were Eric Robinson, Baldwin Williamson, and the gang.

Clifford Anderson said grimly. “But that’s impossible! I did not turn to the underworld bosses for help because I wanted a secured outcome. So I deliberately assigned this task to the prestigious Whirlwind Security Company. I requested them to complete the task as quickly as possible and flee the scene afterward. I did not expect them to commit such a blunder!”

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