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Chapter 212

The ceremony to change the company’s name was held after all preparations were in place.

All the reporters from every major media and newspaper gathered to witness the ceremony.

A stage and various equipment were installed on the spacious plaza in front of Levi Group’s building.

Levi remained hidden as usual. He sat inside his office, casting his gaze outside the window with the entire North Hampton’s view spanned before him.

He could observe the happenings at the plaza clearly from where he sat.

Kirin would be the person to attend the ceremony this time. But he wore sunglasses to cover up his face as usual.

“Should I attend the ceremony now, Sir?”

“Go ahead.”

At that moment, Levi could see a few mysterious and unwelcome guests lurking around the venue as his eyes swept through the crowd. They are probably men from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce or other business competitors. I suppose they are here to investigate Niel Atkinson’s identity.

The name-changing ceremony began at 10 o’clock.

Kirin walked up the stage with all eyes on him.

The reporters spammed the shutters on their camera continuously.

Countless powerful men in the industry began searching for Kirin’s background information as his pictures and videos spread like wildfire.

But Kirin’s sunglasses fulfilled its function as everyone had a hard time recognizing his facial features. Their intensive search resulted in nothing. No one could figure out anything about Niel Atkinson.

Standing next to Neil were the people in charge of Levi Group and Garrison Group previously.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson attended the ceremony as well. They wanted to witness that significant moment.

Kirin made the official announcement. “Levi Group and Garrison Group has signed a merger agreement earlier. These two corporations will join forces from now on and operates under the name, Morris Group.”

Bam, bam, bam…

A stir rippled across the crowd as ceremonial flowers shot up into the sky.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were tear-stricken. They looked up the sky and sobbed. “Are you seeing this, son? The company is now named after you!”

The reporters were getting impatient at that point. “May I know what’s your relationship with Mr. Morris Atkinson, Mr. Atkinson?”

“Please describe your relationship with Mr. Neil Atkinson, Mr. Rowen Atkinson.”

The reporters were very interested in the relationship between the two parties.

Kirin smiled pensively. “Relationship? Well, all I can say is that we’re a family!”

Kirin’s statement provided food for thought for the reporters. There was obviously a hidden meaning behind his words, but none of the reporters could figure out what he was implying.

They tried to sound Kirin out with further questions, but Kirin answered without revealing anything.

The question and answer session with the reporters ended swiftly.

The subsequent segment was the highlight of the ceremony. They were going to change the inscribed board of the company from Levi Group to Morris Group.

The name-changing ceremony could only be considered a success after they changed the inscribed board.

The workers quickly brought the new board over and removed the old, inscribed board for Levi Group.

Kirin was about to hang the new inscribed board to officiate the event when chaos erupted at the scene.

“Something is happening! Look over there!” Someone shouted all of a sudden.

Over a hundred men clad in black clothes appeared out of nowhere and headed in the direction of the stage.

They wore face masks to cover up their faces and wielded baseball bats in each of their hands.

Everyone was frightened by the imposing manner of those scary men.

“Break everything! Crash this whole place!” The man leading the way shouted.

The men in black hastened their steps and surged forward.

The media and the guests of honor gathered around the stage were startled.

All hell broke loose at the scene.

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