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Chapter 211

Levi’s words sounded like the Grim Reaper’s calling to Melissa and her friends.




Melissa and 38 other members of the senior management knelt on the floor.

Thump, thump, thump…

They slammed their foreheads against the ground frantically.

All of them did not seem to care, even as their foreheads were bleeding. That was the least of their concerns because they sensed death closing in on them.

William Hanks and Melissa Floyd were feeling the most fear out of everyone who knelt on the ground because William was the one that suggested the gathering, while Melissa orchestrated the rest.

Levi’s voice rang beside William’s ears all of a sudden. ’I am still your boss’. He was telling the truth!

Levi waved his hand. “The rest of you stand behind me.”

Everyone did not understand Levi’s intention, but they gathered behind him anyway.

Melissa Floyd and 38 other people were the only ones left kneeling inside the spacious meeting room.

They did not stop slamming their heads against the floor.

Many were already bleeding profusely from their foreheads.

“Please forgive us, Mr. Garrison! We’ve made a mistake. We’ve committed a grave error!”

Oh! How we regretted our actions! Why did we provoke Levi Garrison? This is all William’s fault! We would not have sought revenge against Levi in the first place if it were not for him. Levi Garrison was long gone from our minds previously!

Everyone shot a resentful look toward William Hanks. They wanted so badly to rip him apart.

Levi remained indifferent while they begged him for mercy. He ordered loudly, “Bring the things here!”

Over a dozen muscular men clad in black outfit entered the meeting room at once. Each of them carried a tightly sealed wooden barrel with unknown content.

The people kneeling on the floor felt their hearts sank with a thud as they sensed something bad was about to happen, looking at those tightly sealed barrels.

Levi grinned. “Don’t you guys enjoy showing off your allures by soaking yourselves in champagne? Let me fulfil your desires today!”

The burly men removed the caps of the barrels right after Levi waved his hands.

“So smelly!”

A horrible stench filled the room instantly. Everyone felt as if they fell into a cesspit because the reek was unbearable.

“Could it be…”

Everyone had guessed the content of the barrels. Manure!


The muscular men dumped over ten barrels of manure over the heads of Melissa and her gang.

Levi deliberately prepared a manure shower for them.

“Aargghhhh…” They shrieked.

All of them dressed glamorously for the meeting, but they were now covered in manure from heads to toes. The filth even entered their mouths…

The others, who witnessed the scene, could never imagined that the highly-paid elites of the society were met with such an outcome. This is the worst punishment ever!

“These people are now fired and permanently blacklisted from reentering Levi Group!” Levi announced.


Hysterical wails filled the meeting room once again. That penalty meant that our lives are officially ruined!

Levi glanced at the miserable crowd and added, “Elena Holmes will be Morris Group’s Finance Department Director from now on!”

Unprecedented excitement washed over Elena. This is unbelievable! Not only am I not fired from the company, but I am also promoted to the department director’s position. This unexpected turn of events is happening only because I stood up against them last night!

Melissa and her friends were astounded to hear Elena’s promotion. Karma really is a b****!

Levi straightened himself and ordered coldly, “Clean up the mess, especially those trashes. I don’t want to see them in here anymore!”

“Yes, Sir!” Kirin nodded.

Levi led the rest of the crowd to another meeting room.

Members of Garrison Group’s senior management were waiting for them in that room.

The first thing that Levi did was to incorporate Garrison Group into Levi Group.

The Garrison family had prepared everything, so all Levi had to do was to sign the papers.

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