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Chapter 210

“I’m the one that permitted her to enter!” A man’s voice was heard at that moment.

Levi made his appearance as everyone inside the room stared in his direction. He entered the meeting room together with Elena.

“What is the meaning of this, Levi Garrison? You do not belong here! Melissa rebuked him in rage. Then she pointed at the director of the security department. “What’s the matter with you? Why did you allow a scum like him to enter the building? He even managed to come all the way up here!”

“That’s right! What are you doing here, Levi Garrison?”

“Do you think Levi Garrison can support you, Elena? He’s just a piece of trash!”

Leroy, Kennelm and the others were hopping mad at the moment. What will happen if they offend Mr. Atkinson?

But something unbelievable and unimaginable happened the next moment.

Levi walked toward the front of the meeting room where Kirin was seated.

Kirin regarded Levi with admiration and offered him the seat politely. “You’re here?”

Levi took the seat and crossed his legs on the tabletop. He answered cheerfully. “All of you were asking me for a reason behind my appearance. Well, I am here to attend the meeting!”

Kirin reported next to him. “Sir, all 107 members of Levi Group’s senior management is here. Please provide us with further instructions!”


Kirin’s words hit everyone inside the room like a ton of bricks.

Boom, boom, boom…

Everyone was shocked to their cores. They were in utter disbelief. Levi Garrison is the owner of Levi Group?

Elena frowned as her mind went completely blank.

Melissa, who was closest to where Levi was seated, felt her heart stop beating altogether at that moment. Her breathing ceased, and her face turned paper-white like that of a lifeless body.

Barclay Burns, William Hanks, Eileen Barn, and Leroy Bird were petrified.

Everyone inside the room was dumbfounded.

No one expected the new owner of Levi Group to be Levi Garrison. Wasn’t he released from prison a short while ago? He should be penniless, so how is he capable of acquiring Levi Group?

At that moment, clarity washed over Melissa and the others. Neil Atkinson is not related to Morris Atkinson. Levi Garrison wants to commemorate Morris Atkinson, so he’s changing the company’s name to Morris Group! He’s also the reason why Morris’s parents can stay in that luxurious villa. Levi Group is determined to invest in Zoey’s company despite the ban ordered by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce because Levi Garrison is still in charge of the company!

All the questions troubling their minds were resolved in that instance.

The thought of Levi Garrison being the new owner of the company never crossed anyone’s mind because Levi was totally out of their considerations.

Levi glanced at Melissa and her friends. Then he beamed at them. “Hello everyone, we meet again!”

Kennelm Pitt, who was relatively aged, passed out on the floor with a thud when he was reminded of the insults he directed toward Levi last night.

Barclay Burns and William Hanks trembled frightfully. They felt a hot and humid sensation trickling down their legs as a pool of steaming liquid formed where they stood.

They literally peed in their pants out of fear.

Leroy Bird, Bob Snyder, and the others slumped into their seats as their legs turned to jelly. All their strengths appeared to have seeped away from their bodies.

Eileen Barn cried in terror.

Melissa crumbled under the overwhelming pressure as she saw that Levi was staring at her the entire time.

She felt like puking a mouthful of blood.

Bizarre reactions were observed on those who participated in the gathering last night.

Everyone was confused by that peculiar scene, including Kirin.

Levi slowly took out a cigarette and Kirin hurriedly lit the cigarette for him.

Everyone felt restless and uneasy.

After taking a puff of his cigarette, Levi said. “Tell me, what should I do about what transpired last night?”

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