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Chapter 209

The name-changing ceremony was scheduled to begin at 10 o’clock in the morning.

However, the new owner of Levi Group, Neil Atkinson, hosted a meeting for all members of Levi Group’s senior management at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Melissa and the others were waiting impatiently inside the meeting room.

She took out a compact mirror to check her makeup. “Do you think there’s anything wrong with my outfit?” She asked Eileen Barn to help rearrange her clothes.

The others were tidying up their appearances as well.

After all, it was their first meeting with their new and mysterious boss. So they wanted to leave a good first impression.

Melissa was even prepared to offer her body. I will conquer the new owner of Levi Group! I did not climb so high up the corporate ladder with my capabilities alone. I’d achieved my current position because I’ve slept with Howard Corbyn, Oswald Rogers, and many other influential men. This is my go-to method to receive promotions, after all.

Over a hundred members of Levi Group’s senior management had arrived inside the meeting room as they waited in silence.

They tensed up the moment they heard footsteps rang in the hallway.

A young man wearing sunglasses entered the meeting room while being surrounded by multiple assistants and secretaries.

Everyone hurriedly stood up.

Kirin’s appearance surprised everyone after he removed his sunglasses. He’s so young! I heard there are rumors saying that he is Morris Atkinson’s uncle, but he’s clearly more suited to be his younger brother!

Indeed, Kirin was only twenty years old at that time.

Melissa’s eyes gleamed. I did not expect our new president to be a handsome young man. I can easily handle someone like him. I am sure he will succumb to my allure if I put in just a little effort.

Despite Kirin’s young age, his domineering presence was distinguished. Everyone felt chills traveling down their spines when his gaze swept across the room.

“Everyone, please take a seat. Let me introduce myself. My name is Neil Atkinson, and I recently acquired both Levi Group and Garrison Group from the Rogers family. I am currently the acting president of these two corporations.”

Melissa said immediately after Kirin introduced himself, “May I know what’s the agenda for today’s meeting, Mr. Atkinson? Please provide us with further instructions!”

Everyone was not enlightened of the reason behind the sudden meeting hosted by Kirin.

Kirin smiled. “Let’s be patient and wait a little longer.”

Melissa asked curiously, “Are we waiting for someone else? Do you mean there’s another person who is going to attend this meeting, Mr. Atkinson?”

Kirin nodded. “Of course! Did I not make myself clear earlier? I am only the acting president. That means that I am only in charge of showing my face in public when dealing with all company-related matters.”

Kennelm Pitt from the legal department raised a question. “Are you saying the real owner of Morris Group is another person and is making all the decisions from behind the scene?”

Kirin smiled. “Yes. You’re right. To put this into simpler words, I am only working for my master.”

Everyone gasped in astonishment. Neil Atkinson is already capable of taking control of the Rogers family’s possession. How much more powerful can his master be?

Melissa responded instantaneously, “So what you’re saying is that we are waiting for the real owner of the company?”

“Yes. That’s right! He’s the one that convened this meeting, and he will be here soon.” Kirin answered.

Everyone felt more anxious than before. Who is the new owner of Morris Group?

Time seemed to crawl slower as every minute felt like a century.

Everyone inside the meeting room straightened themselves in their seats when they heard footsteps reverberated in the hallway.

The door to the meeting room was pushed open.

But the person who entered the room was Elena Holmes.

Even Kirin was momentarily dazed. Who is she?

All the executives were enraged to see Elena, especially the director of the finance department, Bob Snyder. He chided at once, “What are you doing here, Elena Holmes? This is an exclusive meeting room for the senior management of the company. You’re already fired, so why are you here?”

Melissa was angered too. “Yeah, what are you doing here? Do you think you are qualified to be here? Tell me, who permitted you to come in here?”

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