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Chapter 208

Levi nodded, satisfied with Elena’s determination. “Don’t worry. No one will fire you. Come to work as usual tomorrow.”

At that moment, Elena thought he saw glimpses of the thriving Levi Garrison from six years ago.

“Alright, Mr. Garrison. I will do as you say!” Elena answered.

Melissa and the other executives were filled with exhilaration after leaving the hotel.

“This is awesome! I still can’t believe we really toyed with Levi Garrison earlier!”

“That’s right. I can’t even find words to describe this amazing feeling!”

Melissa reminded them, “Alright, settle down. It’s time to go back and prepare for tomorrow’s name-changing ceremony. Levi… Morris Group will become a corporation worth over ten billion starting tomorrow. We are all going to have a better future going forward!”


Everyone began to imagine how their lives would prosper.

Zoey’s heart ached when she saw how Levi looked when he returned home that night.

“I know everything. They sent me the video!”

William and his friends recorded the scene where Levi was showered with champagne and deliberately sent the video to Zoey earlier.

Tears welled up in Zoey’s eyes as she witnessed Levi’s helplessness.

“I heard you suffered the humiliation on your own accord because of me. This is all because of my incompetence. I can do nothing because Levi Group happens to be the investor! They are in control of my life now.” Zoey was filled with guilt.

Levi smiled. “It’s fine, dear. They will face retribution. I’m going to take a shower now. Help me prepare a set of fresh clothes. I will attend the name-changing ceremony for Levi Group tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Zoey stared at Levi’s figure from behind while thinking to herself. I will not let him suffer anymore in the future. I swear!

The next day, at Levi Group’s building.

Elena went to work as always.

But someone from the HR department handed Elena a discharge letter the moment she walked through the door. “You can leave this place after you receive your salary from the finance department. Elena Holmes, You’re hereby fired!”

Elena was stunned. She thought Levi had made the necessary arrangements for her. I guess he was only comforting me. Moreover, he can’t even protect Zoey Lopez since he was released from prison recently, it’s a given he won’t be able to protect me too. But I do not blame him and I will never regret the words I said last night!

Elena went to the finance department to receive the rest of her salary. Then she went to the HR department to deal with the discharge procedures.

People pointed at her and whispered among themselves wherever Elena went. Not only was she fired by Melissa and her gang, but they had also spread baseless scandals of Elena fooling around with aged men that has cost the company’s reputation.

“Girls like her may appear to be pure and innocent on the surface, but who knows? she might have slept with countless of old men!”

“That’s right! She’s always pretending to be innocent when in truth she’s just a slut…”

“I also heard that she gave birth to children for three aged men at the same time! She’s shameless!”

Unbearable insults and abusive remarks rang beside Elena’s ears on her way out of the company.

She could no longer contain herself as tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

At that moment, Melissa and the other executives saw the scene near the elevator. They sneered, “This is the repercussion for disobeying me!”

The other executives laughed smugly.

Elena ran out of the company with her head lowered.


She bumped into someone.

Elena looked up only to see Levi Garrison in front of her.

“What’s the matter? Did they fire you?” Levi asked.

Elena nodded.

“Alright. Follow me. I will seek justice for you.”

Elena hesitated.

“Do you have faith in me?” Levi looked at Elena in an assertive manner.

“I do!” Elena decided to risk everything. I have nothing to lose anyway. What if this turns out to be a success?

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