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Chapter 207

All of them vented six years’ worth of pent-up resentment in their chests at Levi. He was put to shame by everyone.

Soon, they wasted every bottle of champagne on Levi.

Levi did not care about the treatment. He merely acted as if he took a shower with the champagne. I will let them pay the price for what they did and what they are doing to me now tomorrow. They will taste cruelty at its finest tomorrow!

Kennelm was not satisfied. He shouted at Levi, “Get over here and lick my shoes clean!”

Leroy, Barclay, and the others mimicked Kennelm as well.

Levi ignored them.

William jeered at Levi. “You should take a look at yourself in the mirror now! How can you become so useless to the extent of not putting up any resistance? Weren’t you a domineering boss six years ago? Where did that attitude of yours go? I can’t even bring myself to insult you further after looking at how pitiful you are!”

Talia smirked. “If you kneel and let me ride on you while you crawl around the room, I will promise not to trouble Zoey in the future, Levi Garrison!”

Levi stood still.

Everyone thought he was hesitating.

“Kneel down right now! Don’t you care about Zoey Lopez at all?”

“Know your place, Levi Garrison! You only deserve to live a lowly life like this from now on!”

Everyone hurled insults at him.

Melissa crossed her arms in front of her chest and sized up Levi proudly. “Do as I say immediately!”

Melissa could only be satisfied when she gets to step on Levi literally.

After all, she was a mere secretary in the past and was fired by Levi Garrison.

“That’s enough!” A girl stepped forward and stopped everyone at that moment.

Levi recognized the girl. She’s the intern I selected back in the day, Elena Holmes. I remember her for her professionalism.

Elena was one of the team leaders in the Finance Department now.

Inwardly, she was always grateful toward Levi.

“How can all of you forget about Mr. Garrison’s kindness? Do you think you will be where you are now if he didn’t hire you in the past? Moreover, he did not do anything wrong, so why do you hate him so much?” Elena raised her voice.

“Hmph! What are you doing, Elena? Don’t you hate him? Do you think you will accomplish your current success with him managing the company? Are you betraying us? Fine! You don’t have to come to work starting tomorrow. Hand in your resignation letter to the HR department tomorrow!” The director of the finance department, Bob Snyder scolded.

“That’s right. You’re fired!” Melissa spoke as well.

Elena broke down in tears. I was merely expressing my thoughts. Why am I fired?

Melissa said coldly after Elena began to cry. “Damn it! You’ve ruined the atmosphere. Let’s go back now. I need to prepare for tomorrow’s name-changing ceremony anyway!”

She sneered at Levi before leaving, “Don’t worry, Levi Garrison. This is not the end. I will mess Zoey Lopez’s life up if you do not obey me!”

Eileen took out two stacks of cash and tossed the money in Levi’s face. “Pay the bill later. You can keep the change, you filthy beggar!”

“Hahaha…” Everyone laughed. They felt contented after venting their anger and resentment.

Levi and Elena were left alone inside the private room.

“Do you regret what you did?” Levi asked.

Elena wiped the tears off her face and shook her head. “No! They’ve done some pretty despicable things to achieve their current success. I have wanted to part ways with them since a long time ago!”

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