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Chapter 206

Melissa said, “You may not know this, Levi Garrison, but Mr. Atkinson has decided to increase all the employees’ salary since he acquired the company. I will be receiving a thirty percent increment as the vice-president of the company. You can calculate the additional amount yourself!”

“That’s right! Look at how generous Mr. Atkinson is. Don’t you feel ashamed by how petty you were?” Others mocked Levi.

Levi put on a wry smile. How can I be oblivious to this? I was the one that made the arrangements, after all.

Melissa lifted Levi’s chin daringly. “My beloved Mr. Garrison, I am not embarrassed to say this. You rejected me when I confessed to you when I was still working as your personal secretary. Do you regret your decision now? Do you still think that Zoey Lopez is better than me?”

Levi beamed at her. “That’s a given. Zoey is and always will be better than you.”

Melissa laughed out loud. “You’re a fool, Levi Garrison! That woman is close to announcing bankruptcy!”

“But she had received the necessary investment.” Levi firmly believed in Zoey’s capabilities. He knew she merely lacked the opportunities to prove herself. So he gave her the opportunity she needed the most.


Everyone inside the room burst into laughter after listening to Levi.

“You’re hilarious, Levi Garrison! Don’t you know which company was the one that invested in Zoey’s company?”

“It’s our company, Levi Group, that provided her with the capital!”

“Although Mr. Atkinson proposed to invest in her company, most of the procedures are handled by us! Ms. Floyd has to sign the papers, and the investment has to go through the Director of Finance Department, Mr. Snyder! They are the people who will decide the fate of that money now!” Everyone sneered.

Melissa pointed at Levi. “To tell you the truth, Levi Garrison. We have the authority to decide whether Levi Group will invest in Zoey’s company. We can always pull out of the deal or postpone the date to transfer the money to them. Perhaps I can pull some tricks so that Zoey has to compensate us in return for violating the contract!”

William patted Levi’s shoulder. “Did you hear that, you arrogant scum? We are the ones that are in control of you and Zoey Lopez’s fates!”

“That’s right. You have to follow our orders obediently, Levi Garrison! Otherwise, we will force you and Zoey to the brink of desperation!” Kennelm laughed wickedly.

“Are you threatening me?” Levi could hardly contain his urge to laugh. I planned to expose these traitors tomorrow at the company. Well, they certainly saved the trouble by surrendering themselves now.

“Of course! Levi Group will pull out of the deal immediately with a single order from me! I will also include Zoey’s company on the blacklist. No one will dare to invest in Imperial Meadows after that. All she can do by that time is to wait for bankruptcy to knock on her door!” Melissa boasted.

“Then what should I do for all of you to let Zoey off the hook?” Levi asked.

Melissa straightened herself and walked toward the cart filled with numerous bottles of champagne. “That’s easy. We will let her off the hook if you obey our orders!”

Melissa Floyd grabbed a bottle of champagne after she spoke.


The cork popped open all of a sudden as Melissa aimed the bottle at Levi.


Levi was doused by the jet of champagne.

Everyone followed Melissa’s action.

Each of them took a bottle of champagne.




The corks of the bottles popped open after they shook the bottles vigorously. Then they sprayed the champagnes in Levi’s direction.

Levi was thoroughly drenched in the champagne shower.

He finally knew the reason behind the large amount of drinks. They wanted to humiliate me with the bottles of champagne.



Sounds of their evil laughter were mixed with the splashing sound of champagne…

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