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Chapter 205

Kennelm Pitt, the director of the HR department scoffed. “That’s right. Didn’t you always admire the military management style, Mr. Garrison? Life in prison suits you the best!”

The director of the PR department, Eileen Barn added, “That’s true. You must’ve stayed behind bars for six years because you enjoyed the environment!”

Everyone greeted Levi with insults.

“Please, come in, my beloved Mr. Garrison!” Melissa ushered Levi into the room.

Upon entering, Levi saw the decorations inside the room immediately.

They even hung a couple of banners on the wall.

The first banner read: Thank God for your imprisonment, Levi Garrison. We would not achieve our success today if you did not go to jail.

Printed on the second banner were the words: We hope you stay in prison forever, Levi Garrison.

Levi noticed a lot of champagne inside the room as well, but he did not understand the reason behind the large amount of drinks.

Everyone was disappointed to see Levi’s reaction because he was not infuriated after looking at the banner.

They asked Levi to sit down, then proceeded to surround him.

Melissa said, “I have to thank you, Mr. Garrison. You forced me to start from the bottom of the company with a monthly salary of a little over four thousand and an annual salary of fifty thousand. Do you know how much I am making per year now? My current annual salary is fifty million!”

Eileen added, “You turned us into a bunch of cheap labors by using the excuse of trying to cultivate us. I did not receive a salary of close to ten thousand previously, but look at me now! My yearly bonus alone is already at least ten million!”

The marketing director, Barclay chided, “Thank you so much, Levi Garrison! I used to go to work on a scooter, but I am now driving a Lamborghini to work!”

The director of the legal department, Leroy was furious. “This is all your fault, Levi Garrison! You nearly ruined our lives. Do you see how terrible our lives were? You were the cause of our miseries!”

Kennelm shouted, “Serves you right for facing jail time! It was because of that only did we get the opportunity to flourish in our lives!”

“Levi Group has been doing so well since the Rogers family took control. The company is worth at least seven billion in the market now!” Someone mentioned.

Levi suddenly laughed. “The company’s value increased only a mere three billion in six years, and yet you’re so proud of that achievement?”

“That…” Everyone was stunned.

Levi continued, “Levi Group was already worth four billion during its first year of establishment. We were growing at an exponential rate. We even did a simulation to project our company’s growth. Levi Group would be considered a failure if the company failed to achieve a market value of less than fifty billion after 6 years!”

Everyone was rendered speechless. They knew Levi was indeed telling the truth because they were informed of the company’s potential in the past.

But Levi Group’s growth turned negative during its second year after Levi’s imprisonment. The company only showed gradual improvements in its performances for the subsequent years.

None of Levi Group’s employees knew that their core technology and advantages in the market were taken away by another party.

William retorted immediately when he saw that everybody had fell silent. “Nonsense! What you said was all hypothetical. How can you rely on that to survive in the business world? Can you guarantee a positive return every year?”

Melissa recollected her thoughts as well. “That’s right! There are so many changes in the market every year. You cannot possibly predict every turn of events!”

Eileen frowned. “Let’s be honest, Levi Garrison. We would only stay as mere lowly subordinates even if the company developed into a fifty billion corporation. There’s no way we would be as successful as we are now.”

Leroy, Kennelm, and the others agreed. “He’s right. Your achievements have got nothing to do with us. We wouldn’t be making as much money as we are now if we stayed under your management!”

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