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Chapter 204

Over a dozen executives of Levi Group hosted a party in the largest private room in Galaxy Hotel that night.

They prepared a lot of champagne inside the room.

All the executives present were once Levi’s subordinates.

Melissa Floyd replaced Matthew Green as the vice-president of Levi Group after his disappearance.

Melissa used to be Levi’s personal secretary. She was an elite who was selected by Levi among one thousand candidates.

She was a capable person. Her accomplishment of receiving a promotion from a personal secretary to the vice-president position reflected her abilities.

In the past, Melissa tried to seduce Levi countless times and even borrowed the strength of the media to spread baseless scandals about herself and Levi. Her underhand tactics nearly caused Levi and Zoey to break up back in the day.

After that, Levi exposed her tricks and demoted her to an average employee. So she had always harbored hateful feelings toward Levi.

Melissa also participated in the scheme to cause Imperial Meadows’s bankruptcy.

She could not care less about Levi with her current status, but William Hanks offered her an opportunity to humiliate Levi. So she decided to attend to the party too.

She wanted to witness Levi’s current condition with her own eyes.

The others who attended the party were Barclay Burns, the director of the marketing department, Eileen Barn, the director of the PR department, Leroy Bird, the director of the legal department, as well as the director of the HR department, Kennelm Pitt.

All of them underwent vigorous training while Levi was their boss because he wanted to cultivate them. They did not receive speedy promotions. Instead, they were forced to learn and experience more as an average employee in the company. However, none of them understood Levi’s intention. They hated Levi because they felt he was bullying them and restricted their growth in the company.

So they were the first group of employees to turn against Levi and joined the Rogers family’s rank after Levi’s imprisonment.

The other subordinates who were loyal to Levi were either drove to their deaths or forced to resign.

Barclay and his peers had the potential, so they managed to climb up the corporate hierarchy and landed jobs as executives.

Even now, they were still not grateful for Levi’s cultivation. They were still under the impression that Levi mistreated them. So they loathed Levi deeply.

They blamed Levi all the more because they were promoted immediately and received a high salary the moment Levi was gone.

In their mind, Levi nearly ruined their lives. They were all insignificant employees of the group under Levi’s management. But all of them became successful people with an annual salary of over a million after Levi’s departure.

So they always shared a private joke among themselves: Thank God Levi went to jail!

“Is he here yet?” Everyone was getting impatient.

Levi and Morris were extremely strict in the past, so their employees did not have the courage to even look them in the eyes. But the high and mighty Levi Garrison six years ago was now an average Joe in the city.

They could not wait for Levi to witness their achievements. All of them wanted to humiliate Levi to their heart’s content.

“Oh! Our ex-boss is finally here!” William announced cheerfully.

Levi followed behind him.

He entered the room with an indifferent appearance while giving off an overwhelming presence.

Most of the people inside the room were almost suffocated by his domineering aura.

Everyone was dazed as they did not expect Levi to still carry his imposing manner from before.

They wanted to direct volleys of insults at Levi the moment he entered the room, but they simply could not utter a word.

The first person to break the silence was Melissa Floyd. She came to a halt in front of Levi in her high heels and said with a smile, “My beloved Mr. Garrison, you’re finally released from prison? This is not really favorable since that place suited you the most. Why didn’t you stay there for a few more years? Personally, I would suggest that you stay behind bars forever!”

The atmosphere inside the room turned heavy after Melissa addressed Levi with the harsh words.

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