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Chapter 203

William was stunned upon hearing what Levi said.

He regained his senses and sneered. “Are you trying to crack some joke, Levi Garrison? My supervisor is the director of the marketing department, Mr. Barclay Burns, while my boss is Mr. Neil Atkinson, who recently acquired Levi Group! Where do you think you fit into this equation?”

Levi did not say a word. He merely regarded William with a smile.

William curled his lips mockingly. “Perhaps you’re going to tell me that you are actually the mysterious Mr. Neil Atkinson? You can stop your day-dreaming! Levi Group is no longer related to you now. Moreover, the company is changing its name too. When that time comes, the company’s final connection with you will be severed too!”

Levi took a sip from his drink. “You will know sooner or later if I am still related to the company.”

William ignored Levi and turned to look at Chloe. “Why are you hanging out with him? Don’t you know? He was placed behind bars for the last six years because he tried to take advantage of his sister-in-law. He’s been blacklisted by all the companies in North Hampton, so he’s destined to fail now. Moreover, he’s got a wife. This man is clearly latching on to you with ulterior motives. You have to be careful not to fall into his traps! You’ll regret for the rest of your life if this piece of trash takes advantage of you.” William advised Chloe with concern.

Mr. Paterson added, “That’s right. You are a successful, young, and beautiful woman. You need to settle down with an outstanding man as soon as possible to prevent a scum like him from attaching himself to you. Look at William. He’s young and accomplished. I think he’s quite a perfect match for you, Ms. Macy.”

Chloe responded coldly, “I’m sorry, but I do not need the both of you to worry over my matters. Besides, I think Levi is a great man. He’s even treating me to dinner tonight.”

William laughed out loud. “Are you kidding me, Chloe? Levi is treating you to a meal? The signature dishes you’ve ordered will cost you at least twenty thousand. How is he going to pay for that?”

“That’s none of your business!” Chloe was enraged.

William and Mr. Paterson had no other choice but to leave resentfully.

Levi and Chloe left afterward.

William hurriedly followed them.

“What? That poor loser doesn’t even have a car! He needs Chloe to fetch him!” William chided.

Mr. Paterson was mad as well. “How can you let an ex-convict like him to surpass you, William?”

William punched the wall forcefully. “Levi Garrison is too cunning! I have to find a way to teach him a lesson! Ah, that’s right. I just got an idea…”

William’s eyes shone with excitement.

In the subsequent two days, the news of Levi Group’s preparation for the name-changing ceremony became heated.

After all, they were a force that could threaten the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s long-standing influence.

A day before the ceremony, Levi received a call from an unknown number. William’s voice was heard after the call connected. “Good day, my ex-boss!”

Levi was puzzled by William’s politeness.

“I am here to inform you of wonderful news. After the name-changing ceremony tomorrow, all employees in Levi Group will receive an increment in salary and benefits ranging from twenty to forty percent. All the people who worked for you previously will receive an average of thirty percent increment, so we decided to throw a party to express our gratitude toward you, our ex-boss! You mustn’t reject our invitation because we deliberately hosted this party for you. Everyone is eager to reunite with you.”

A thought popped into Levi’s mind as his lips curved upward. “Sure. I’ll be there!” He agreed to attend the party.

“Alright then. I can’t wait to see you there!”

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