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Chapter 202

Levi told the aged couple he would pick them up in person three days later.

He saw Chloe the moment he exited the villa’s neighborhood.

She was there because she was introducing one of the properties there to a customer.

“I’m getting off work now. Why don’t I treat you to a meal if you’re free?” Chloe offered with a smile.

Levi suddenly remembered the promise he made after they were met with the impromptu situation the other day.

“Sure. Let’s have a meal, but it’s going to be my treat!” Levi answered.

Levi was chauffeured to the villa earlier, so he did not have a car. He had no other choice but to let Chloe drive him to the restaurant.

They decided to have their meal in a high-end Chinese restaurant, where their patrons can only be those with the restaurant’s membership.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Macy! All the private rooms are fully booked. We only have open seats left in the hall.” The restaurant staff informed Chloe.

Chloe looked at Levi immediately to seek his opinion.

“Fine by me.” Levi nodded.

They sat at a table close to the window.

Chloe was a regular customer, and she was vaguely familiar with Levi’s preference too. So she ordered a few dishes that suited Levi’s taste.

Levi enjoyed the meal to his heart’s content.

“Is that really you, Chloe?” Someone exclaimed.

Two men dressed in suits stood a few feet away from their table. One of the men was clearly excited to see Chloe.

Levi felt that the man looked a little familiar. Oh, I remember him now! He’s one of my juniors from high school, William Hanks.

William studied Finance and graduated from a university in South City. Levi allowed him to enter Levi Group despite his lack of qualification due to William’s status as his junior.

William appeared to be in a neutral stance after Levi was met with trouble in the past, but he actually sided with Matthew Green.

Chloe did not like William because he was annoying and had been relentless in pursuing her.

He firmly believed he deserved Chloe especially now that Levi Group had regained its momentum.

“Chloe, let me introduce to you. This is the manager of Gatsby Group, Mr. Paterson. We are currently discussing a project that’s worth a hundred million!” William introduced the chubby man next to him to Chloe.

Mr. Paterson looked at Chloe lecherously.

At that moment, William noticed Levi.

He fell into a daze for some time before he addressed him subconsciously, “Mr. Garrison… wait, no. Levi Garrison, you’re here too?”

In William’s mind, Levi does not deserve any honorifics now that he had been reduced to someone with a lowly status.

“That’s right. You’re able to recognize me?” Levi smiled. William Hanks is considered half a traitor. There are still plenty of traitors like him among the current staffs in Levi Group. I have to utilize this name-changing ceremony to reassemble the company’s employees. I’ve regained control of Levi Group for some time now, but I’ve yet to remove these rotten people.

“Hahaha, of course! You were so glorious in the past! I even worked as your driver and valet when I first entered the company…”

William remembered everything that happened in the past vividly.

“I did not get any promotion while you were in charge of the company, Levi Garrison. You’ve never treated me like your junior, always asking me to do those hard and dirty chores! I was promoted and given important tasks to handle after you left, and can finally put my talents to good use! I am now the vice-director of the marketing department!” He pointed at Levi and continued, “Regretfully, you are no longer my boss. You are just someone who, at most, qualifies to clean my shoes…”

Levi and Chloe exchanged glances. Both of them snickered.

Levi scoffed. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I am still your boss!”

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