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Chapter 201

They moved on to the next topic of conversation afterward.

“The legendary protector of Erudia, the God of War has arrived in North Hampton for so long, yet we’ve never met with him. I am deeply ashamed of myself!” Eric said helplessly.

“That’s right. We all wanted to meet with him just to have the honor of seeing his face with our own eyes!” Wallace added.

Grover Cooke laughed. “The God of War even rejected the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Winston Gonzales’s invitation, much less the rest of you.”

Xander Hoyles let out his laughter as well. “Let me tell all of you something unbelievable. I am supposed to be the highest-ranking officer in the North Hampton Warzone, but regretfully, even I have never seen the God of War in person. He’s active around the North Hampton’s warzone and even hosted a military practice. But he disregarded me and directly transferred the First Army to do his bidding!”

Grover was astounded. “You too? Oh my God!”

“To be honest, to him, I am just an insignificant person. I have to pay my respect to Azure Dragon and the other Kings of War despite their lower rank. They are the strongest military force in Erudia, after all!” Xander explained.

Eric and the others shook their heads in disappointment. “I guess there is no hope for us since even someone like Mr. Hoyles does not get to meet with him.”

Xander Hoyles flashed a pensive smile. “No, that’s not true. There is a chance for you to meet with him. There’s a ceremony to welcome the new commander-in-chief for the North Hampton warzone soon. The God of War will certainly attend the ceremony. There are a few seats open to the public to participate in the ceremony, so all of you can try to seize the opportunity then!”

“Really? That’s great! We can finally meet with the God of War!” Everyone else could barely contain their excitement.

Baldwin grinned. “I heard that not only is the God of War a young man in his twenties, but he is also single! Coincidentally, my granddaughter, Yara, is single as well. She can be the perfect match for him. They will be a great couple!”

Clifford retorted immediately. “Is that so? Are you saying that your granddaughter is better than mine?”

“Hey, all of us have granddaughters as well!” The others voiced out in displeasure too.

Even Xander took part in the heated conversation. “I have a granddaughter too. She’s in the army. Does that count as an advantage?”

“Ah, in that case, your granddaughter certainly has the edge over ours. We should’ve sent our granddaughters to join the army too in the past!”

Eric suddenly changed the topic of conversation. “Let’s talk about business now. Levi Group and the acquired Garrison Group will be changing their name to Morris Group three days later!”

“There’s no other way to handle this matter. We’ll have to sound out Morris Group’s capabilities!”

Zoey was made aware of the matter regarding Levi’s group name change into Morris Group’s.

“I heard Neil Atkinson is Morris’s uncle. No wonder he helped us through our crisis. Do you know anything about this?” Zoey asked curiously.

Levi shook his head. “I don’t know Morris has an uncle!” Levi could barely contain his laughter. These people are ridiculous. How can Kirin be Morris’s uncle when he’s clearly 7 years younger than Morris?

“I heard Levi Group will be hosting a name-changing ceremony three days later. Are you going to attend the ceremony to check out the situation?”

Zoey was busy with her matters of establishing a new company, but she was curious about that event. So she asked Levi to attend the ceremony instead.

“Sure. I’ll check out the event.”

What Zoey did not know was that Levi would attend the ceremony even without her reminder.

He decided to bring Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson too.

Levi informed Morris’s parents about that matter when he visited them at Bayview Garden Real Estate’s villa.

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