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Chapter 200

According to this situation, it was simply impossible for them to be destroyed.

But they didn’t expect that their opponent was Levi—the only five-star God of War in history!

The God of War would crush everything!

At this moment, Eric suddenly caught a fish.

After putting it in the basket, he looked at Grover and Xander, smiling, “Grover, Xander, have you two heard about the recent events in North Hampton?”

The grizzled-haired Grover moved his fishing rod and said with a little doubt, “Are you talking about the matter with Director Alaric Taylor of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce or the matter with the renaming of Levi Group to Morris Group?”

Grover might be retired, but he still had everything under control.

Wallace gave him a meaningful look. “I supposed you can look at these matters as one?”

“You’re suggesting that Neil Atkinson of Levi Group is behind all this?” asked Xander.

Clifford nodded. “Most likely. According to our investigations, Neil should be Morris’s uncle. He’s changing the name of Levi Group to Morris Group to help Morris Atkinson’s best friend, Levi Garrison. That’s why they invested in Zoey and even took care of Alaric and Charles.”

“We’ve questioned the Rogers family in the past for a few days, but they remained silent about relinquishing the Garrison family’s properties and Levi Group,” Baldwin said. “They only warned us to be careful, saying that we’ve met our match this time.”

“In a word,” Eric summed up. “This mysterious Neil Atkinson is a powerful man. He’s definitely something to be able to send Alaric to jail and retake Levi Group and Garrison Group from the Rogers family’s hands.”

Those were the information that the four noble families had obtained.

It was considered intimidating because other enterprises and families had yet to know about the change of ownership of Levi Group.

“To be honest, I’ve known you guys for over ten years now and I’ve never seen such somber expression on all four of your faces,” Xander suddenly chuckled.

Grover nodded. “Exactly! It’s my first time seeing you guys like this. It means that Neil Atkinson is really stressing you out.”

“Sure, there’s stress, but it’s just enough to get our attention,” Wallace smiled. “He can’t threaten us!”

Eric stroked his long white beard, chortling, “That is without a doubt! No one can mess with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

Xander nodded. “That’s right! There’s no way they can break apart the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

Metaphorically speaking, the Garrison family and the Rogers family were just growing saplings that could be uprooted by manpower while the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was a ten-thousand-year-old tree that would probably require ten people to encircle it. It would be impossible to uproot it based on manpower alone.

Clifford flashed a cruel smile. “Although there isn’t a threat, Neil Atkinson is really a thorn in the flesh. We must get rid of him as soon as possible!”

Understanding the meaning behind his words, Grover and Xander smiled, “We can still find out his identity for you guys.”

With that, Xander suddenly caught a fish and threw it into Clifford’s basket.

“Just like this. I caught a fish for you and it’s up to you whether you want to release it or cook it.”

He was comparing the fish to Neil.

The four of them nodded.

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