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Chapter 199

The renaming of Levi Group had created a storm in the entire city.

Especially since it would be renamed to Morris Group, anyone who knew the ins and outs of the situation knew they were coming after the Rogers family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

It was an act of revenge.

According to gossip, the person who now controlled Levi Group was Neil Atkinson, someone who had yet to appear in North Hampton.

Everyone was suspecting him to be a relative of Morris.

Because someone had discovered that Morris’s parents had moved into the most expensive villa at Bayview Garden from the village and that Zoey’s Imperial Meadows Limited had been receiving a huge chunk of investments from Levi Group.

The gossips had stated that the relationship between Neil and Morris was not so simple and that Neil was aiming for the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

On a small island at North Hampton’s Arrior Lake, there were boats surrounding the island. On it stood hundreds of men in black with their waists bulging, obviously carrying a weapon.

They were even military helicopters hovering in the sky from time to time, patrolling the perimeter.

The worse part was that the entire scenic spot of Arrior Lake had been booked today.

And the person who did the booking was on this small island…

On the island were six elders who were sitting by the lake, quietly fishing,

Behind them stood eleven people, which included seven directors from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, and four heirs of four noble families in North Hampton, the Hendersons, Andersons, Williamsons and Robinsons.

The four elders fishing at the front were the current heads of the four biggest noble families, Wallace Henderson, Clifford Anderson, Baldwin Williamson, and Eric Robinson.

They were the top four families on the list of the wealthiest families in North Hampton.

The four elders were even more powerful than Glenn from the Rogers family.

While the Rogers family’s wealth amounted to fifty billion, the Hendersons, Andersons, Williamsons, and Robinsons’s wealth amounted to a hundred billion.

Together, they had established the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

In short, they had occupied almost half of North Hampton’s economic lifeline. They were the real juggernauts of North Hampton.

The two other elders who were fishing with them were no less than they were.

Grover Cooke, who had now retired, was once the governor of North Hampton.

He had many disciples, and his descendants all held important positions in North Hampton.

Even the current governor, Jesse Nielsen, was his student.

Jesse would often go to Grover to seek advice because there was a saying that Grover’s words could make people grovel at his feet.

The other elder was Xander Hoyles, the vice commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone.

Due to a transfer order, the position of commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone had been vacant, which meant that Xander was the leader of the North Hampton Warzone now.

The two of them were friends and classmates with Eric and the others.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to meet up for fishing.

On the small island not far away was a platoon of guards.

Any little decision made by these six elders was influential enough to shake up the entire North Hampton.

It was indeed the case because many things in North Hampton were conferred by the six of them.

If the four wealthiest families and North Hampton Chamber of Commerce could achieve such success, it was needless to say that their connections ramified all over North Hampton.

From war zones to towns, everywhere had traces of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Hence there was this saying that ‘messing with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation’’.

They were different from the Rogers family.

It wouldn’t be so easy to destroy them.

Besides, if the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were to be destroyed, they still had Grover and Xander at the top.

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