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Chapter 198

“The fact that you can get those special cigarettes and liquor means you are somewhat capable. As long as you act wisely, you could turn out quite well. But don’t try to seek loopholes and indulge in petty tricks,” Meredith said coldly, displeased with Levi’s behavior.

“You two need to discipline him more. After all, Zoey has a bright future ahead of her,” Robert said to Caitlyn and Aaron.

“Yes, Mom and Dad. We understand!”

At their departure, Meredith asked, “Russell, what do you think about Levi?”

Russell was scared stiff.

How can I comment on this person?

I still want to live.

“No comment,” Russell replied.

“Logan, what do you think?” Meredith asked again.

Logan looked deep in thought. “Levi is indeed capable, seeing how he could get his hands on the special cigarettes and liquor. But since he’d spent six years in jail, his powerful side has probably smoothed out, and he’s picked up on many bad habits. I think it will be hard for Levi to develop.”

Meredith nodded in agreement. “Mm, I think so too.”

The next day, everyone left one after another.

When the Black family offered to give them a ride, Zoey rejected it and requested to take the high-speed rail instead.

Mainly because she wanted to see what would happen to Levi at the security checkpoint.

When they arrived at the security checkpoint, Zoey deliberately let Levi pass first.

Seeing Levi pass through easily, they were stunned.

“Come out and go in again,” Zoey demanded.

Levi had no choice but to enter again. However, the alarm still didn’t go off.

Zoey was taken aback.

Have I really mistaken?

In fact, the system had been rebooted since Levi left that day.

He could easily pass through all security checkpoints now without sounding off the alarm.

Just after getting on the high-speed rail, Alfie sent a message. The big shots of the South Warzone and South City just knew about your arrival at South City.

Levi had already left when they came to look for him.

Levi replied immediately. Tell them I’ll definitely inform them the next time I visit South City.

On the high-speed rail, Caitlyn said, “Zoey, you should really consider the advice that your uncles have given.”

“What is it?” Levi asked.

Aaron sighed, “Zoey’s uncles had suggested that she sever all ties with the Lopez family and establish a new company.”

“That’s a great idea! She should have done that a long time ago!” Levi raised both hands in favor of that suggestion.

They’re a bunch of assholes who can never be satisfied.

Aaron shook his head. “It won’t be that easy! Dad has shares in Zoey’s company. We’ll have a tough row to hoe.”

Zoey was also worried about this.

She knew Harry far too well.

“Zoey, just go all out. I’ll handle it if there’s any trouble,” Levi said.

He wasn’t worried about the Lopez family now, but the retaliation of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Now that Levi Group was in his hands again, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was bound to keep their guards up.

After returning to North Hampton, Kirin told him it was decided that Levi Group would merge with Garrison Group after negotiation and be named Morris Group in remembrance of Morris Atkinson.

Levi would also use Morris Group to destroy the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

It was equivalent to Morris himself trampling the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

Levi understood that this would surely lead to objection from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. But he would be there for the ceremony by then.

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