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Chapter 197

The Black family was numb with shock when they saw Russell’s car loaded with special cigarettes and liquors.

Robert and Meredith’s eyes twinkled.

“God has indeed blessed the Black family! My son is too amazing!” Xaiden praised.

Robert and Meredith grasped Russell’s hands, only to make him feel awkward because this had nothing to do with him at all.

“Grandpa, Grandma actually—”

“This is enough, Russell,” Meredith interrupted, thinking that Russell was trying to be modest. “This carload of cigarettes and liquors are enough for the rest of our lives.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to say much, Russell. We understand.”

Robert patted on Russell’s shoulders.

On second thought, Russell stopped trying to explain, remembering that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep everything he saw a secret before leaving the South Warzone.

“Work hard, Russell. Your Grandpa and I have decided to exhaust all our resources to nurture you,” Meredith said.

Quintus and the others were envious, and so were Aaron and Caitlyn.

Didn’t Levi say he would send a carload of special cigarettes and liquors?

Where is he?

Robert asked Russell, “So who did you meet today, Russell? Who’s the God of War of the Iron Brigade?”

“Yeah, tell us, Russell. We wanna know.” The Black family was curious.

Russell gave a nervous titter. “Grandpa, Grandma, as much as I want to tell you, I can never reveal his identity. I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

“It even involves a non-disclosure agreement?! Oh, God…”

Meredith and Robert looked at each other in the eye with a look of horror.

“But what I am sure of is,” Russell continued, “that the Black family will prosper from now on! So Grandpa, Grandma, you guys have to be nicer to all the aunts and uncles, such as Aunt Caitlyn and Uncle Aaron. There’s only hope if the Black family unites!”

Because the God of War was the son-in-law of the Black family, and Russell could guarantee that!

Hence, he specifically reminded them by mentioning their names.

“That’s a given!” Robert and Meredith promised. “We’ve accepted Caitlyn and Aaron again. They are one of us now.”

Hearing that, Aaron and Caitlyn couldn’t hold back their excitement.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad!”

Meredith flashed a look at them. “You should thank Russell.”

“Thank you, Russell!” the both of them said in unison.

Russell gave an awkward smile.

“But your son-in-law is not too bad,” Meredith said, as she thought of something.

Mom clearly liked Levi’s presents the most just now. How did it become ‘not too bad’ in the blink of an eye?

However, Caitlyn was content.

At this time, Levi and Abigail had returned.

“Didn’t you say you were gonna send another carload of special cigarettes and liquors, Levi?” Logan sneered.

Levi pointed at Russell’s car. “Didn’t I have them deliver already?”

Just as Russell was about to speak, Logan roared, “Bullshit! Clearly, it was Russell who sent these back. What the hell has it got to do with you?”

“Yeah! You’re too much! All of us saw that it was Russell who sent these back!”

“You do have credit today, but you can’t just take Russell’s credit!”

Everyone mouthed off at Levi.

Russell was vexed, but he couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

He’s a God! How could mere mortals judge him?

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