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Chapter 196

Seeing the spirits of the Dragon Legion had Russell’s adrenalin pumping.

The pride and fervor in their eyes was so compelling that it could drive one crazy.

They were whom Russell aspired to be!

Their existence was fearsome!

Although his regiment was at the forefront of the South Warzone, they were a far cry from the Dragon Legion.

Russell and the others were seated at the observation deck.

Everyone was waiting for the God of War of the Iron Brigade.

If not for the regulations, Russell would have filmed everything.

He was too excited!

Everyone was waiting in silence. No one dared to speak a word the whole time.

Finally, a car drove into the encampment and made its way quickly to the training base.

Russell frowned when he saw the pink car from a distance.

Where have I seen this car before?

Isn’t that Abigail’s pink Maserati?

The pink Maserati stopped at the training base.

A girl alighted from the driver’s seat.

Isn’t that Abigail?

Russell was dumbstruck and when he saw the person coming down from the passenger’s seat, he nearly suffocated.


It’s actually him!

What are they doing here?

That person can’t be him, right?

For a moment, it was as if Russell’s heart had stopped beating.

Levi told Abigail to stay where she was as he walked step by step toward the Dragon Legion.

Seeing Levi approaching, all the soldiers lifted their chins up and stood upright like a pike.

Alfie and Mortimer jogged toward Levi and saluted him. “Reporting, God of War! The Dragon Legion and the South Warzone Legion have assembled! Awaiting your instructions, Sir!”


God of War?

The group observing was mind blown.

No one had expected that the God of War of the Dragon Legion was THE God of War himself!

What was even more unbelievable to Russell was that Levi was THE God of War!

No wonder Levi acted so arrogant at the birthday banquet.

No wonder Levi could present the special cigarettes and liquor of the Iron Brigade.

No wonder Levi said he had Captain Steele deliver them.

It’s because Levi is the God of War!

Levi came before the soldiers and commanded in a clear tone, “At ease!”

The uniformed movements of thousands of soldiers were jaw-dropping.

“I’ll keep this short. Since you’ve all come down from the front line, rest and reorganize, but training must still go on. You must always be ready for war!” Levi lectured the Dragon Legion.

He then looked at the legion, smiling, “The soldiers of Erudia are tough! And so is our legion. Catch up on your training and be prepared at all times to sacrifice for the country!”

Despite Levi’s brief speech, it ignited the fire in their hearts.

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

Thousands of soldiers shouted vigorously.

The scene was earth-shattering.

It was definitely a scene Russell would never forget in this lifetime.

After the inspection, Levi came toward Russell.

“Take a load of cigarettes and liquors with you later. But you should also advise Grandpa and Grandma not to drink too much,” Levi said.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Facing Levi again, Russell was so scared that he was drenched in sweat, even his speech was stuttering.

With that, the carload of special cigarettes and liquors were moved into Russell’s car.

Russell arrived at the Black family’s residence.

“A carload of the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquors? Did Russell send them back?”

“My grandson is too capable! Oh, my God!”

“God bless the Black family!”

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