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Chapter 195

“I had it delivered, of course,” Levi chuckled.

“Delivered? Could it be someone from the Iron Brigade?” Russell asked quizzically.

Levi nodded. “Precisely. Didn’t you see him just now?”

“What? You mean Captain Steele?”

Russell looked at Levi incredulously.

“Yeah, him! Why else would he be here if not to deliver the cigarettes and liquor?” Levi said.

“Hahaha…” Russell laughed out loud.

This man can really talk big!

“I’ll have another carload sent over,” Levi said.

“Hahaha, nice,” Russell responded sarcastically, looking at Levi as if he was a clown.

I’ll soon find out whether Captain Steele is sending another carload of special cigarettes and liquor or not.

I’m going to the South Warzone after all.

“You were saying that you invited Alfie over, huh?” Levi suddenly asked.

Russell became a little flustered at that question.

But what was there to be afraid of if Alfie didn’t even expose him?

“Yeah, I invited him to congratulate Grandma on her birthday!” Russell admitted tenaciously.

Levi’s grin widened meaningfully, making Russell uneasy as if Levi had seen through his lies.

Not daring to stay with him any longer, he turned around and went back to the main hall.

The birthday banquet finally ended after a few hours.

Meredith had specially called Aaron and his family to stay behind, which made Zoey very happy.

Russell took his leave as well. “Grandpa, Grandma, I just received a notice asking me to hurry over to the South Warzone.”

“Go on now. You’re the pride of the Black family. Everyone must learn from Russell,” Meredith praised.

“You must tell us everything when you come back,” Quintus said.

Thereafter, Meredith checked the headcount. “Is everyone here? Caitlyn, where’s your son-in-law?”

“I have no idea where he went, Mom,” Caitlyn replied.

“Whatever. Just let him be,” Meredith dismissed him, for he was just an unimportant person.

However, Caitlyn and Aaron were furious.

This is clearly a good chance, but that bastard went missing.

How incompetent!

At this time, Levi had called Abigail to send him to the South Warzone.

As Russell was anxious, he made his way to the Dragon Legion’s encampment at the South Warzone as quick as possible.

Upon his arrival, he was like a country bumpkin who had just entered the city; everything was new to him.

He looked around and dared not touch anything, for fear of breaking things.

Alfie had arranged for a soldier to welcome Russell.

Halting before a warehouse, there was a car parked at its entrance with a few men moving boxes and boxes of goods to a car.

Noticing the packaging, Russell thought it looked similar to the special cigarettes and liquors that Levi had brought.

“May I ask what are these, comrade?” Russell couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, these are the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquors! The captain has ordered us to load a car of them to send them over to the Black family,” the soldier replied.

Russell was thunderstruck.

Are they seriously sending a carload of these to the Black family?

Levi was right!

What is his identity?

If getting two bottles of liquor and two packets of cigarettes means nothing, then getting a carload of these is a whole different problem.

Russell arrived at the training ground in trepidation.

The Dragon Legion and several thousands of soldiers had all assembled and lined up in columns, looking ever powerful and ever triumphant.
ones to towns, everywhere had traces of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Hence there was this saying that ‘messing with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation’’.

They were different from the Rogers family.

It wouldn’t be so easy to destroy them.

Besides, if the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were to be destroyed, they still had Grover and Xander at the top.

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