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Chapter 194

“God bless the Black family!”

A blend of emotion fermented inside of everyone in the Black family; Russell’s parents were so thrilled that they could almost cry while Quintus, Keane, and some other of Russell’s cousins were truly stoked.

The place seethed with enthusiasm, and the atmosphere was at its climax.

Because that was an appraisal from the captain of the Iron Brigade, whose words were very authoritative.

Robert and Meredith were so proud that they had forgotten about the special cigarettes and liquor that Levi had gifted them.

Aaron and Caitlyn felt wretched.

The spotlight was supposed to be on them.

The old lady had liked them most!

But before they could bask in the limelight, the attention was shifted onto Russell.

“I’ve heard about Russell Black for a long time,” Mortimer added. “He will have a promising future if he becomes vice-captain of the Special Security Unit before thirty years old.”

Russell was feeling very emotional as well to receive Captain Steele and Captain Lambert’s approval despite the blunder he had made.

“Captain Steele, Captain Lambert, Colonels, please,” Robert and Meredith ushered them inside.

But Alfie rejected the offer, “We just came to greet you, Mrs. Black. We should make our move now.”

“Does Captain Steele have any other urgent matters to attend to?” asked Meredith, with an air of great surprise.

“Yes, that’s right. The God of War of my division is going to inspect the Dragon Legion that I’m leading. I need to go back and get the troops ready,” Alfie said.

Mortimer nodded. “Yes, Mrs. Black. My legion is going to be inspected as well. We need to prepare ourselves.”

“What?” The God of War of the Iron Brigade? He must be a famous general who shines on the battlefield!”

Robert and Meredith were filled with deep veneration.

But as if she thought of something, Meredith pleaded, “I guess we have no time and are not qualified to attend such inspections. Could you allow my grandson, Russell to visit and gain some insight, Captain Steele?”

Seemingly hesitating, Alfie agreed to her plea, “Okay, sure. The inspection takes place in a few hours. Russell, wait for our notice.”

Meredith and the rest of the Black family were all thrilled.

If Russell visits the Dragon Legion, it would be great for his career prospects.

After the Black family had sent them off, the birthday banquet continued.

Meredith was obviously indifferent to Aaron and his family. At most, she would only say a word or two to Levi.

The conversation made during the birthday banquet now revolved around Russell.

Levi was unfazed as he stared at the table of dishes and feasted on them.

In the eyes of the others, his table manners was repulsive.

It was as if he had been starving for over a week.

Especially since Felix, Graham and other big shots were sitting at the same table, Levi’s table manners was a big disgrace to Meredith.

Meredith was displeased, but she couldn’t say much seeing as Levi gifted her the special cigarettes and liquor.

Indeed, Levi was uncouth. He should have watched his manners, especially since he now had Meredith’s favor.

Russell eventually got sick of it. “Levi, come out for a moment. I need to have a word with you.”

Meredith looked at Russell approvingly.

How astute! The problem has been resolved.

Levi followed Russell outside.

“What do you wanna talk about?” Levi started while picking his teeth with a toothpick.

How Russell wished he could punch him in the face at his sluggish appearance.

But he said with a smile outwardly, “I have a question, Levi. How did you get the special cigarettes and liquor of the Iron Brigade?”

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