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Chapter 193

The rest of the Black family looked at Russell admiringly. “Did you specially prepare this Russell? I thought you said you couldn’t invite anyone from the warzone!”

“Yeah, Russell must have lied to us to give us a big surprise!”

Russell’s parents gave him an approving look.

Robert and Meredith were all the more surprised to hear that they were military officers from the Iron Brigade.

Their eyes crinkled into a smile.

“Not bad, Russell! I didn’t expect so many surprises today! You’re Grandma’s greatest pride and joy!”

Under such circumstances, Russell had to claim credit, even if he didn’t want to.

If not, he was afraid that Meredith would be disappointed.

“Yes, that’s right,” said Russell, bracing himself. “I’ve specially prepared this segment for you, Grandma. Just to give you and Grandpa a surprise!”

Perry, who was sitting beside Russell, was flabbergasted.

Didn’t Captain Steele come because of the God of War?

What has it got to do with you, Russell?

“Russell, what’s going on? Did you really invite him?” Perry asked.

“Yeah, Captain Chapman. I gave it a try at the war zone and it worked!”

Russell kept a straight face.

Robert and Meredith got up and greeted them at the doors, with the latter smiling, “I knew it! Russell is a late bloomer!”

Robert and Meredith were brimming with joy.

Seeing that, Caitlyn and Aaron were surprisingly jealous.

We were supposed to have gained the old woman’s favor, but her attention has now shifted to Russell instead.

They looked at Levi grudgingly…

Getting the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquors is nothing special!

Inviting the military officers from the Iron Brigade is what counts!

Following behind Robert and Meredith, Russell clenched his fists.

He swore to work hard and turn all these into a reality!

Just then, Captain Steele and the others had arrived at the doors.

Upon seeing Meredith, Alfie came forward, wishing, “Captain Alfie Steele of the Dragon Legion of the Iron Brigade and his three adjutants wish you a happy birthday, Mrs. Black.”

Mortimer, who was standing beside Alfie, stepped forward. “The captain of the South Warzone, Mortimer Lambert, wishes you a…”

Seeing them offering their best wishes one after another, Meredith was very excited.

Coming from the military themselves, they regarded Alfie and the others with more importance than those who were in politics like Graham.

Especially since Alfie came from the invincible Iron Brigade…

This was such a great honor!

Robert and Meredith were most pleased to see Alfie and the others attend the birthday banquet.

However, Russell, who stood at the back was a little nervous.

He was afraid of exposing himself.

He didn’t dare to greet them at all because he had never seen them before.

Russell deliberately hid at the back, afraid of getting noticed.

But Meredith pulled him to the front, asking with anticipation, “I wonder what’s Captain Steele’s comment on my grandson Russell Black?”

Alfie froze. This old lady is so weird. I don’t even know who’s your grandson; how am I supposed to evaluate him?

But at the thought that she was the grandmother of the God of War’s wife, he said politely, “Russell looks sharp and the country will be counting on him in the future!”

“Hahaha, wonderful!”

Robert and Meredith couldn’t help but laugh heartily at Alfie’s high evaluation of their grandson.

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