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Chapter 192

Everyone regarded Levi with an incredulous gaze.

How did he get those special cigarettes and liquors that couldn’t be bought with ten billion?

What did he do?

Robert and Meredith were hugging the special cigarettes and liquor as if they were their most precious treasure.

“Dear, we’ll just take a little sip of liquor and smoke half a cigarette every day. These things are too rare and they’ll be gone before we know it,” Meredith said with distress.

Levi smiled. “If you want it, I can still get it for you. I guarantee you can have them every day! I got a little today because I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.”

“Really???” the old couple asked in disbelief, their eyes rounded.

“There’s plenty of this stuff,” Levi chuckled. “I promise I can get them. Once the banquet is over, I’ll send another car over!”

There are plenty of these with the Dragon Legion.

“That’s great!”

“We’re proud to have a grandson-in-law like you!”

The old couple had forgotten about everything else and only had eyes for Levi when they saw these cigarettes and liquor.

“Alright, that’s about it,” Levi smiled. “Many people are watching.”

Upon realizing the enormity of their faux pas, they laughed bashfully.

“Caitlyn, Aaron, Zoey,” said Meredith, pointing at the said family. “Come sit with me!”

Caitlyn and Aaron could not believe their ears..

They went forward in a daze and sat at the table where Meredith and Robert were seated.

“Let me take the opportunity of the birthday banquet to announce something,” Meredith said. “The Black family has agreed to my daughter, Caitlyn Black’s return!”

Caitlyn wept with joy at the announcement.

She had been waiting for this day for almost thirty years!

Aaron was also incredibly emotional.

The Black family had finally accepted them!

Zoey was happy as well.

“Caitlyn, Aaron, you two got yourselves a good son-in-law there.”

Robert and Meredith couldn’t help but compliment.

Aaron and Caitlyn were delighted. “Levi, you’ve made us proud! We shouldn’t have blamed you.”

“Mom, Dad, glad that you’re happy,” Levi smiled.

Aaron and Caitlyn squared their shoulders, looking at the crowd arrogantly.

Now that Mr. and Mrs. Black have voiced their approval, who dares to make fun of us now?

Our son-in-law is just as capable, thank you very much.

Everyone kept their lips sealed. Instead of mocking them, they were now looking at them with envy.

Because Graham, Felix, Perry and the others were seated at the same table.

That meant that in Meredith’s eyes, Aaron’s family was just as important as them.

Just then, someone suddenly came in, reporting, “Reporting, Mr. Black. A few military officers outside who claimed to be stationed at the South Warzone want to congratulate Mrs. Black on her birthday!”

Puzzled, Robert asked, “Did they mention their identities?”

“They did! One of them is the head of the Dragon Legion of the Iron Brigade, Captain Steele, and there were a few colonels as well,” the subordinate replied.

“What? The captain of the Dragon Legion of the Iron Brigade?”

Robert, Meredith and the others jumped to their feet.

Even Graham, who was once a deputy leader and Felix, the deputy director of the city’s Ministry of Economy, shot up.

The fact that the Dragon Legion was stationed at the South Warzone was well known among the higher-ups.

Quintus and Keane looked at each other. A thought occurred to them as they said, “Damn, Russell! You even invited Captain Steele of the Iron Brigade?! That’s a big surprise!”

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