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Chapter 191

Everyone caught a glimpse of the packaging and seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

How good could those cigarettes and liquors be from that crude packaging?

Aaron and Caitlyn wanted to hide under the table when they heard that.

No wonder Levi asked the old lady for her preference just now.

If the cheap goods are exposed this time, it’d be over!

Mom would definitely cut ties with us on the spot!

Caitlyn had to hold herself back from strangling Levi!

“Those must be poor cigarettes and liquor!” someone said.

Russell, Perry and the others, however, hesitated for a moment.

It seems to be special cigarettes from the Warzone.

Especially that dragon symbol on the packaging…

Quintus and Logan exchanged glances and laughed, “Grandpa, Grandma, why don’t we just throw these poor quality gifts into the bin? They’re an eyesore!”

“Shut up!!!” Robert and Meredith suddenly roared in unison.

They took the cigarettes and liquors in their hands, appraising them as if appreciating a work of art.

The careful way they handled the gifts was all the more palpable than holding the ten million Legendary Luminous Pearls just now.

Their knitted brows gradually relaxed as a heartfelt smile flashed onto their faces.

They were much happier than receiving those gifts from before!

Everyone looked at the two puzzledly, wondering what was so famous about these cigarettes and liquor.

After a full minute, Robert and Meredith looked at each other and said excitedly, “It’s real!”

Levi took a drag of smoke, smiling, “I wonder if you like what I’ve prepared for you?”

“Yes! We love it!”

Robert and Meredith nodded incessantly.

Meredith even took over the microphone, beaming, “The gifts from my grandson-in-law, Levi Garrison, are my favorite!”

A deathly silence filled the room.

Aaron and Caitlyn who were waiting for the verdict were especially taken aback and Zoey was filled with disbelief.

Logan, Quintus and the others couldn’t believe their ears as they asked curiously, “Grandpa, Grandma, are you guys mistaken? It’s obvious from the packaging that it’s of poor quality! How could it be your favorite?”

“You guys are too shallow! You will most likely never see these cigarettes and liquor in your lifetime,” said Meredith, waving the boxes of cigarettes and liquor in her hands with unrestrained excitement on her face.

Robert chimed in, “These are special cigarettes and liquor from the Warzone!”

“It’s true that they’re scarce, but it’s not like they’re very rare,” Logan said.

If he wanted it, he could have gotten them through connections.

Meredith glared at him. “Hmph! Do you think that these are merely cigarettes and liquor from the war zone? These are special cigarettes of the Iron Brigade under the command of the God of War, the protector of Erudia! There are special signs on the packaging, such as the dragon and the words at the bottom!”

“Anyone with a little background knows that the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquor are not available to the public! You can’t buy a glass of the Iron Brigade’s special liquor even if you have tens of billions!”

“Exactly! You can’t get the Iron Brigade’s special liquor, no matter your background or your connections!”

“We had it once at the home of a retired soldier of the Iron Brigade, and we couldn’t forget its taste until today. This is the real Iron Brigade’s cigarette and liquor!”

A hush descended over the crowd at those words.

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