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Chapter 190

“No way. Doesn’t that mean he didn’t prepare anything? Did he have to run away for that?”

“I know, right? I mean, even if he did prepare something, Mrs. Black wouldn’t have liked it either.”

Everyone sneered.

“Who said I didn’t prepare a gift?” a voice as loud as thunder was heard.

Everyone turned to look in the direction of where the sound came from, only to see Levi standing at the doors, holding two black plastic bags in his hands with a cigarette in his mouth.

Meredith and Robert’s faces scrunched up in disgust at Levi’s frivolous appearance.

They hated it. And seeing the two black plastic bags in his hands that were obviously meant for grocery shopping, what good could come out of it?

“Hahaha, this is hilarious!”

“Could there be vegetables or steamed buns inside?”

Everyone laughed so hard that their stomach hurt when they saw those two plastic bags.

Using such a bag to pack his gifts on such an occasion was definitely an insult to the old lady!

“What are you doing, Levi? No one asked you to get any gifts!”

Afraid that Levi was up to no good, Caitlyn and Aaron were about to dash forward to stop him.

It was already humiliating enough.

If Levi did anything to add fuel to the fire, they were as good as dead.

“Sit down!”

Meredith suddenly shouted.

Caitlyn and Aaron could only obey.

“Grandma, what can he even put in that bag?” Logan asked. “Let’s just skip this.”

But Meredith was stubborn. “No! Let him come. I want to see what his gift is.”

“Yeah, let’s see what this son-in-law has prepared.”

Everyone was burning with curiosity.

“Come here, Levi!” Logan grinned, glad to watch Levi make a fool of himself.

After all, Levi was the Black family’s son-in-law who was often bracketed with him back then.

With that, Levi went forward step by step, smoking a cigarette.

Seeing the plastic bags, everyone was guessing what was inside.

With Levi approaching, Perry and the others who were sitting at the front were petrified when they suddenly recognized him.

Perry instinctively shot to his feet and was about to greet him when he stood frozen upon noticing the expression in his eyes.

Everyone looked at Perry curiously.

“What’s wrong, Captain Chapman?” Russell, who was next to him, asked.

Perry sat down quietly. “Nothing! I just got a cramp in my leg.”

Levi came to Meredith and Robert at last.

“How dare you smoke in front of Grandpa and Grandma? Do you have a death wish?!” Logan was very displeased.

However, Robert and Meredith noticed something strange.

The cigarette in Levi’s mouth seemed to be a special cigarette from the war zone.

Especially that strong tobacco scent. It could only be found in the Warzone!

Robert and Meredith were sure of that.

“Shall I open it?” Levi asked.

“Go ahead!”

For some reason, Robert and Meredith were looking forward to it.

As if something good could be found inside this filthy plastic bag.

Levi took out two boxes of cigarettes and two bottles of liquors from the bag and presented them before Robert and Meredith.

“Grandson-in-law Levi Garrison presents two boxes of cigarettes and two bottles of liquors!”

The military green packaging of the cigarettes and liquor was very simple, and its workmanship was very rough.

“Levi, are you crazy?” Logan guffawed. “How could you present such poor quality cigarettes and liquor as gifts?”

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