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Chapter 189

Why is life so unfair to us?

Why does such misfortune always befall us?

Their gifts were exactly the same, but the price was twice as low as theirs! And they were queueing right behind them!

Even Zoey felt ashamed. She couldn’t bear to stay there any longer.

Xena and Samson looked at Aaron’s family helplessly.

They didn’t expect that they had prepared similar gifts!

“What do you mean, thoughtful? Isn’t that just a duplicate?”

“At least prepare similar gifts at the same price. Who are they trying to fool?”

“Aren’t they looking down on Mrs. Black? Is Mrs. Black short of that few hundred thousand?”

“Are you kidding me?”

The crowd erupted in anger.

Seeing the gifts Caitlyn and her family had gifted, Meredith snorted angrily, “If you don’t want to prepare gifts, just don’t! Why do you keep embarrassing yourself?!”

Robert sighed. What a disgrace…

With no dignity left, Caitlyn longed to bury her head into the ground!

They’ll remember this day forever!

I shouldn’t have come!

It’s all Levi’s fault!

If Levi is powerful enough, we wouldn’t have been reduced to such a state.

If Levi’s worth a dozen of billions, Mom would have been happy with just our presence alone.

Right behind them was Logan’s family.

Graham and Felix casually presented some symbolic gifts.

In fact, with their status, their presence was the greatest gift.

Meredith was thrilled.

“Grandma, I present you with a pair of Legendary Luminous Pearls worth ten million! I had to travel to ten foreign cities in order to get it at an auction,” said Logan.

The crowd seethed with excitement.

As compared to the few hundred thousand gifts from Aaron and his family before, it was an instant kill. The difference was like night and day.

Meredith liked this pair of Legendary Luminous Pearls so much that she personally accepted them.

“See that?” She gave Aaron’s family a look. “This is what you call a gift! Even if Logan’s gift is worth a penny, I would still like it because it’s prepared with intentions!”

Caitlyn and Aaron hid at the corner and dared not look up.

They could only hope for the birthday banquet to end soon and leave South City as soon as possible.

“I’m going out first,” Levi suddenly said to Zoey and vanished from sight, just as Zoey was about to ask him something.

In the main hall, gifts were still being presented.

And with greater value!

Xaiden presented a three-billion project contract. Everyone in attendance was stunned!

Russell and the others presented their gifts as well, with Russell giving a rare special saber instead of gifts worth tens of millions.

“I know you like this stuff, Grandma. I went to great lengths to get this,” Russell said.

“Yes, I like it!”

Meredith used to reign over the battlefield, and hence she liked the saber very much.

Finally, a few other grandsons-in-law also presented their gifts, which made Meredith beam in delight.

“Allow me to speak on behalf of all the sons-in-law in the Black family…” Logan suddenly spoke. “It seems that every son-in-law has presented their gifts besides Levi Garrison from Aunt Caitlyn’s family, am I right?”

“Yeah, he didn’t!”

Everyone shifted their gaze to Aaron’s table, focusing on them again.

“Oh yeah, where is he? Did he run away?”

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